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The ultimate guide to YouTube tags

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Is your YouTube channel lacking engagement from your target audience? Do your YouTube videos deserve more views? Bring your new and old videos to life and better their visibility with YouTube tags. Using the right YouTube tags can easily help your YouTube video and channel performance. 

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Explore how to boost your YouTube videos watch time, click-through rate and generate more subscribers with the help of YouTube video tags. 

What are YouTube tags?

What are tags on YouTube, you might be wondering? YouTube tags are words or phrases (without spaces) that can be used to generate engagement on your YouTube videos. YouTube video tags can be added by the content creator in the YouTube video publishing process. Adding YouTube tags to your YouTube videos gives Google and YouTube more information about your video, like the YouTube videos topic, category or featured brands. It also helps attract and grow your audience for more business opportunities.

Tags are a critical piece of the YouTube SEO equation and they’re an extremely important ranking factor in YouTube’s search algorithm. 

What are YouTube tags?

How long should YouTube tags be?

The best YouTube tag length for maximizing SEO benefits is 2-3 words

For example, it’s better to target phrases like “how many bones in human body, bones in finger, bones in body, 206 bones”, than to target “human, bones, body, 206” or “how many bones in human body, how many bones do humans have, how many bones does an adult human have.”

How long should YouTube tags be?

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Why creators should use YouTube video tags on YouTube videos

Now that you know what YouTube tags are, let’s talk about YouTube SEO tips. The more information you provide, the easier it is for viewers to find your content when they type in keywords in YouTube search. 

When viewers search keywords in the YouTube search bar or Google, tags are used by YouTube’s algorithm as it considers what content to serve. If you have tagged your videos carefully, more people are likely to find and watch your YouTube videos

For example, let’s say viewers want to watch the latest McDonalds menu item review. Creators that include #McDonalds or #FastFood to their food review videos or Mukbang YouTube videos, viewers will be able to find and watch their content easily. Why? Because the YouTube tag includes the main keyword being McDonald’s. 

#McDonalds or #FastFood

Best tags for YouTube

YouTube SEO pays special attention to the first few video tags you add to your YouTube video. Your first and second video tags must be exact keywords that you want to rank for. 

If you’re looking for popular YouTube tags, each category will have its own. A YouTube tag generator or YouTube tags extractor can be useful tools when looking for popular YouTube tags. 

If your competitors are receiving more views on their videos that are in the same category as you, try using the same YouTube tags. Take a look into their YouTube analytics, see what’s working for them and implement those practices into your YouTube channel. 

Finding and using the same top-ranked YouTube video tags as your competitors can potentially boost your YouTube SEO and rank your videos alongside theirs. The more popular the tags are that you use, the better chance your video has to be seen. 

For example, if you’re looking for popular YouTube tags for gaming, we recommend tagging the game you’re streaming or any information related such as #Fortnite, #Playstation or #xbox. 

Fortnight Nick Eh 30

If you’re looking for popular YouTube tags for music, we recommend tagging the artist name, album name or song, for example, #EdSheeran or #BadHabits. 

#EdSheeran or #BadHabits
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How to add tags to YouTube videos

Below is Clipchamp's step-by-step tutorial on how to add tags to YouTube videos. 

1. Log in to YouTube studio

To add YouTube tags to a video, creators will first need to log in to YouTube studio. 

1. Log in to YouTube studio

2. Create a new YouTube video upload

Once you’re logged into YouTube studio, click on the camera symbol next to your profile picture. A drop-down menu will appear. Click on Upload video to start a new upload. 

2. Create a new YouTube video upload

3. Select a video to upload

Drag and drop a video file to upload or select your video through files. 

3. Select a video to upload

4. Name your YouTube video and add a description

Before you can start adding YouTube tags to your video, you must fill out the video title and description. 

4. Name your YouTube video and add a description

5. Add YouTube video tags to your new video

Click on the Show more to view the YouTube video tags option. Add between 5 -15 relevant YouTube tags to meet YouTube best practices, separating tags with commas. Adding more than 15 will cause YouTube to ignore all tags on the video. 

Save your video when you’re ready to publish. 

5. Add YouTube video tags to your new video

FAQ1. How to edit YouTube videos

Wondering how to edit YouTube videos fast and for free? Head over to Clipchamp’s free online video editor

Whether you’re editing a YouTube video, creating a new YouTube intro video or YouTube Shorts, our in-browser video editor has all the special features you’ll ever need. 

From auto-generated captions to royalty-free stock music, Clipchamp’s user-friendly interface has got you covered (even if you’re a beginner). Upload finished YouTube video files directly to YouTube from Clipchamp.

FAQ2. What YouTube tag generator should I use?

YouTube tag generator is designed to quickly generate SEO-effective tags for your YouTube videos. There are thousands of YouTube tag generators to choose from. Some are free and others are paid for. 

Avoid using YouTube tag generators that provide tags without any insights. We recommend using any of the following Tag generators: 

  1. TubeBuddy, 

  2. VidIQ, 

  3. Rapidtags, 

  4. TunePocket, 

  5. Kparser.

Start using YouTube tags for more video views

YouTube video tags are an extremely beneficial element to add to your YouTube SEO toolkit. By adding popular YouTube tags to each video, your channel performance can skyrocket as more people will be able to find your content. Start creating beautiful YouTube videos with Clipchamp and use YouTube tags to optimize your reach. 

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Written by Christie Passaris on September 8, 2021
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