The Ultimate Guide to YouTube Videos

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Chances are you’ve spent hours on YouTube, mindlessly clicking one video, to the next. Millions of videos are uploaded, watched and shared every day on YouTube, making this social entertainment and marketing platform one of the world’s most popular video sites on the internet to date. Small or large budgets, individuals or organisations, video cameras or iPhone’s, anyone with an internet connection is eligible to share content via YouTube.

Owned by Google, YouTube was the originator of the large-scale video sharing sites available in nearly every country and in over 76 different languages, accounting for 95% of the world’s population.

YouTube is the main source of on demand, entertainment content having over a billion active users daily, although it is now claiming to be an essential marketing tool for businesses. According to the State of Inbound report, over 48% of marketers are now planning to incorporate YouTube into their marketing strategies over the next 12 months. This article will cover:

  1. YouTube Marketing Strategy

  2. YouTube Video Specifications

  3. YouTube Business Promotion

    • Format

    • Search Engine Popularity

    • Aesthetics

    • Products

1. YouTube Marketing Strategy

Every type of business can benefit from using YouTube as a marketing platform, including online, small offline, freelance businesses and even consultants who offer their services. YouTube allows businesses to reach an extremely large, diverse audience offering one of the most cost effective online marketing tools.

Whilst ranking high in search results and having a large subscriber base is ideal for YouTubers to reach a wider community of viewers, those can be extremely difficult to achieve in the first months or even years of starting a YouTube channel. An alternative way to market the upcoming channel is by sharing content across multiple different platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. This will generate engagement of viewers who already take an interest in your existing content and spread the word.

Social Media would have to be one of the easiest, free ways to add additional traffic to your YouTube channel and videos. YouTube purposefully makes it very simple for users to take advantage of this strategy by allowing them to simply click the “Share” tab on the video, as well as providing a short URL for convenient posting. Including relevant hashtags where appropriate is also beneficial to create conversation and awareness to a wider community.

By marketing the businesses YouTube channel on the company website and blog by adding the YouTube icon generates traffic and makes it easily accessible for viewers to find the linked account. Email list sharing, engaging with popular Question and Answer site and collaborating with other YouTube channels are also three main strategies to successfully market your business through a visual, video style.

Essentially, the YouTube channel must be relevant, up to date with new content, consistent with other social media accounts and have an enticing thumbnail and title to attract viewers to click on the video. If done correctly, businesses can benefit majorly through one of today’s biggest social media platforms.

2. YouTube Video Specifications

YouTube Video Best Practices:

  • Video File Size: 128GB

  • Video Length Minimum: 33 seconds

  • Video Length Maximum: 12 hours

  • Video Captions: Available

  • Video Sound: Available – MP3 audio in MP3/WAV container

YouTube Video Dimensions:

  • Format: Horizontal video – widescreen (16:9)

  • Asset dimensions: 1080 x 1920 (video must use the entire canvas)

  • Resolution: recommended 1280 x 720

  • Frame Rate: 24fps, 25fps or 30fps

  • File type: .WMV, .AVI, .MOV and .FLV formats

  • Video code: H.264

  • Recommended ratio in Clipchamp: Widescreen (16:9)

YouTube Video Format:

  • Recommended export size in Clipchamp: 1080p x 1920p resolution (super HD video)

  • YouTube recommends to upload the highest resolution video available that meets file size and ratio limits – being 1080p HD broadcast format or DVD-compliant MPEG-2 program streams saved with .MPG extension. MPEG-4 is also the preferred format if MPEG-2 is unavailable.

  • Recommended video formats: MP4, MOV (Clipchamp always exports in MP4, but you can convert your non-compatible videos with the Clipchamp Video Converter.)

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3. YouTube Business Promotion


When creating a YouTube promotional video, there is really no right or wrong format to use, although there are certain styles that will always work best for different markets of viewers. Here are a list of different formats your business may adapt when starting the video creation:

Search Engine Popularity

When brainstorming ideas on how to promote your business successfully on YouTube, remember it is not always best to reinvent the wheel. Research existing advertisement videos and find inspiration or similar vibe. Learn what works, what has the most views and attraction, most comments and even subscriber counts. Usually an informal approach is best, as videos that do well are generally comical, unusual or useful. Including keywords in the title, tags and description box will also help generate traffic and help people find the videos. By researching the most popular videos within the same market gives marketers knowledge and suggestions of what tags to use. Adding a website link in the description box will help viewers easily access your company site. Make sure to make all company links easily accessible, as well as adding your promotional video to a playlist.


Selecting an appropriate thumbnail for the marketing video is also a major aspect that needs to be considered when publishing a marketing video. If the thumbnail isn’t on trend, enticing to viewers to click, colourful and somewhat exaggerated, the video is less likely to gain views and channel subscriptions. Before uploading any videos, make sure to customise your channel profile and make it look appealing to the eye, and with professional company advertisement.


When promoting the companies products via a YouTube video, the advertiser should never tell their viewers specifically to buy their products as this turns customers off, leaving them with a forced feeling. Viewers are not ready to buy the product as they have only just watched the promotional video, therefore making suggestions such as “signing up to email list for exclusive deals” or “comment down below who you have bought from before” is less pushy and a more relaxed approach. This gives viewers the option to express their opinions and also gives the company an insight into their competitors.

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