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New! Audio recorder in Clipchamp

Posted December 19, 2023

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Hình ảnh bản lồng tiếng trong Clipchamp.

Make your videos clear, professional and accessible by recording a voiceover.

Whether you’re creating slideshow presentations, demo videos, or training and onboarding videos, voiceovers can add a personal touch and improve engagement in any video. Easily convey your emotions, enthusiasm, and passion while explaining complex information with the audio recorder.

Save time by generating autocaptions from your audio recording, and effortlessly edit or update your existing voiceover track without having to re-record your entire audio.

Explore how to use the audio recorder to polish your videos for free in Clipchamp.

How is the audio recorder different from AI voiceovers?

The audio recorder lets you record your own voice to add to your videos instead of using AI text to speech technology to create a voiceover.

The audio recorder uses your device microphone or external mic of your choice so you can record your own professional voiceover.

How to use the voice recorder

Step 1. Click on the record & create tab on the toolbar

To locate the audio recorder, click on the record & create tab on the toolbar, then click on the audio option.

Hình ảnh người dùng đang bấm vào nút âm thanh.

Step 2. Enable your microphone

A popup window will appear with access options. Click on the allow button on the popup dialog. This will allow Clipchamp to use the microphone on your device.

Hình ảnh cửa sổ bật lên truy nhập micrô.

Step 3. Record your voiceover

Click on the red microphone button to start recording your voiceover. Here you can view your microphone source and change it and enable or disable the speaker coach feature.

Hình ảnh người dùng bấm vào nút ghi màu đỏ.

A three second timer will count down before voice recording commences. Record up to 30 minutes of voice recordings.

Hình ảnh đồng hồ đếm ngược 3 giây.

When you’re ready to stop your voice recording, click on the stop button.

Hình ảnh người dùng bấm vào nút dừng.

Next, preview your voiceover using the play button. You can redo your voiceover by clicking on the retake recording button. If you’re happy with your voiceover, click on the save and edit button to save and return to the editor.

Hình ảnh người dùng đang lưu bản lồng tiếng.

Your voiceover will automatically be added to the timeline.

Hình ảnh bản lồng tiếng trong dòng thời gian biên tập.

For more ways to create engaging videos using sound enhancements, check out our audio editing hacks, or record your video and audio using the screen recorder.

Add voiceovers to video today with Clipchamp for free or download the Clipchamp Windows app.  

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