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How to Create Videos Using Templates

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Creating a video from scratch can seem like a daunting task if you’re lacking inspiration or simply don’t know where to start. Let us put your mind at ease by suggesting you try one of our ready to use, free video templates in any genre of your choice! Whether it’s real estate videos, marketing ads, YouTube tutorials, portfolios, wrap-up videos or birthday messages, we’ve got you.

What is a video template? 

A video template is a sample video that is offered to creators as a frame work that they can customise and make their own. We have a collection of videos that can help you make your own video templates, like this one or this one. Video templates have all the professional touches you need to create an entertaining video like background music, sound effects, motion text and animations. They can also be beautiful, like this one. Put simply, they take the hard work out of video editing, so users can easily select, edit and publish a video in minutes.

How can video ad templates help your business?

We understand that small businesses don’t always have a massive budget to spend on hiring professionals to create video ad campaigns. If you're working within limitations, using templates provided by a free to use, online video editor is the best way to go.

Clipchamp has created hundreds of in-browser video templates, with entertaining clips that are already coordinated and cohesive. They're curated into collections like Real Estate, Facebook Ads and Education so you find one that suits your use. You also gain access to a Stock Library with endless amounts of professional stock footage. It’s so simple that no editing training or skills are needed if you follow our step by step tutorial.

Rest assured, templates aren’t locked into place. Users are able to rearrange or swap out clips, add their own company branding, colours, music and more. Take a look at some of the templates available below.

How to use video templates in Clipchamp

Step 1. Start editing by creating an account

Log into your Clipchamp Create account, or sign up for free to start editing. 

How to use video templates in Clipchamp step 1

Step 2. Browse Template library

Click Template library and select the template you would like to use. If you are not using a template, click Create a video on the left side bar.

How to use video templates in Clipchamp step 2

Step 3. Select a template to edit

Click your chosen template. Then click Use this template. Clipchamp Create editor will automatically once you have clicked on the template. 

How to use video templates in Clipchamp Create step 3

Step 4. Rename the video template

Firstly, select Click to rename! in the top left corner. Add a title to your video. 

How to use video templates in Clipchamp step 4

Step 5. Personalise text on timeline

Click on the purple text box to edit the text. You can change the text, colour and size if you desire.

How to use video templates in Clipchamp step 5

Click on the end screen text box. Under the Logo tab, click Upload logo if yours isn’t stored in the library already. Once uploaded, click your logo and it will automatically appear on the end screen. You can also change the size of the logo using the Size bar.

How to use video templates in Clipchamp step 6

Step 7. Make final alterations

Now’s the time to make any final touches before exporting. Remember, you can swap and change anything within the template, such as the stock footage, text, filters, transitions and background music or sound effects. The template is just a guide, feel free to use it as is, or alter if desired.

The final change we have decided to make in this example is the background music. Click Stock then Audio. Select a tune from our stock library by clicking the + Add button or upload your own. Delete the existing music on the timeline, then drag and drop new music. Crop the tune to the same length as your video. Don’t forget to Fade out the track.

How to use video templates in Clipchamp step 7

Step 8. Export the finished video

Once happy with your video, click Export in the top right corner then choose your export video quality. We recommend using 720p for social media usage or 1080p for the best quality. Click Continue when you have selected the export settings. Share or embed your video directly to social media if you desire, or save to computer files.

How to use video templates in Clipchamp step 8

Now check out the final product!

Let's take a look at the final video. We have used a widescreen ad template for the entire video, but don’t forget you can also just use the video template intros and outros. You can also alter the video template ratio if you are uploading to different platforms by clicking the Ratio button in the top right corner under Export.

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