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How to create videos using templates

Updated November 6, 2022
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An image of two sale video template previews.

No matter what you do for work, look like a video editing pro every time you use Clipchamp. Our simple, ready-to-use video templates help you create high-quality videos to suit any event or business. Whether you need a promo video for your small bakery or a countdown to your gaming live stream, our template library has something to suit your needs. 

Check out how to customize templates with your own footage, add text, branding, and resize your video to suit any social media platform in this quick guide.

How to create videos using templates

Step 1. Find the right video template

Our beginner-friendly video templates can be found in three different locations. Locate templates through the template tab on Clipchamp, on the video editor homepage, and inside the video editor in the templates tab.

Browse video templates by clicking on the templates tab.

An image of a user clicking on the templates tab.

Click on the categories to view templates. To preview a template, hover over the image with your cursor. Once you have found the perfect template, click on the green + button to add your video template to the timeline.

An image of a user adding a template to the timeline.

If your video template is in a different aspect ratio to the automatic 16:9 aspect ratio, a popup window will appear. Click on add template to continue.

An image of a user clicking on the add template button.

The video template will automatically fit the aspect ratio you have chosen already. In this case, our template has altered from a 9:16 to a 16:9 aspect ratio. If you want to edit your video's size, simply click on the aspect ratios on the right side of your screen.

An image of a user changing the aspect ratio of a video.

Step 2. Customize your video template

It’s time to personalize your video template with footage, images, music, text, branding, and more. 

Swap in and out stock footage

Customize your video template with unlimited stock videos and images, or add your own footage. To swap out stock footage, drag and drop a stock video or your own footage over another video on the timeline.

An image of a user swapping in and out stock footage on the timeline.

Modify text and titles

If you would like to edit the text on your template, click on the text box on the timeline. A sidebar will appear on the right side of the editor. Click on the text tab. Here, you can edit your text, font, and alignment. You can also edit the colors and position of your text using the colors and transform tabs, or add filters, fades, and adjust colors using the filter tab, adjust colors tab, and fade tab.

An image of a user editing the text in a video template.

Add personalized branding

Keep videos recognizable and on-brand with our brand kit feature. Add your brand colors, font, and logo. Drag and drop your logo onto the timeline above your text.

An image of a user adding their brand kit and logo to the timeline.

Adjust background music

If you have your own jingle or background song you would like to add to your video, simply swap out the template’s audio and add your own. Upload your audio to the editor or search the music library, then drag and drop it on top of the existing audio on the timeline.

An image of a user editing the template's audio.

Step 3. Export your video

To save your video, click on the export button. Select either 480p, 720p, or 1080p video resolutions. We recommend saving videos in 1080p for the highest quality.

An image of a user exporting a video.

Level up video templates with pro editing features

Save time with easy gap removal

Shifting media around your timeline has gotten a whole lot easier. If you’ve changed your mind about a bit of the video and created a gap, instantly delete them with the gap removal feature. Instead of moving each asset one by one, click on the trash can icon to simply delete the gap. Never let a gap go unnoticed ever again.

Edit smarter with grouping and ungrouping

We understand your time is limited and valuable, so we’ve made editing faster and more functional. With a single click, our group multiple items feature lets you easily group and ungroup assets on your timeline, like videos, audio, text, stickers, and more. You can confidently make changes to items outside the group as well. 

Get a closer look with full-screen mode

Before exporting your final video, watch your video in full-screen mode to never miss a mistake ever again. In just two clicks, preview your video inside the editor in more detail, creating accuracy and consistency.

Getting started? Here’s where our favorite templates live

We’ve curated the most editable, memorable, and popular video template categories for you to get started with. Have a browse through our favorite templates designed for creators and businesses. There are even valuable templates for educational videos, like text overlays

Top video templates for creators

Versatile video templates for businesses

  • Set your sales up for success with our product walkthrough, deal progression, and sales outreach templates.

  • Create compelling and on-trend ads with our social media ad templates.

  • Curate special memories and highlight promotional events like Black Friday with our event and holiday templates.

Frequently asked questions

Are video templates free in Clipchamp?

Yes. Clipchamp’s video templates are free to use for all creators, but some templates may contain premium stock videos and audio. If you don’t have a premium account, simply replace premium stock assets with free assets, or upgrade your account to access.

How many templates can I use in one video?

There is no limit to the number of templates you can add to your video. If you would like to use more than one template, we recommend adding a transition between the templates, so they blend seamlessly.

Do templates have a watermark?

No. Free video templates don’t have any watermarks. Premium templates may contain a watermark on premium stock for free Clipchamp users. To remove these watermarks, simply replace the premium stock or upgrade your account to access.

Try a video template today

Our beginner-friendly video templates make video editing fast and trouble-free. Create an endless variety of videos like YouTube videos, social media ads, and presentations in a few minutes. Try it out today to even create your own GIFs and memes.

Effortlessly edit professional videos today with Clipchamp.

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