Add audio to videos online

Find the perfect music and sound effects or make a voice over to bring your videos to life.

An abstract image of adding a music track to a video in Clipchamp video editor

Transform your videos with sound

Add music and sound effects easily

Make your video pop! Choose your own audio or select from a range of free and premium stock music and effects. Preview the audio to ensure it suits your needs, add it to your video editing timeline and easily trim the parts you don’t need.

Make a voice over quickly

Add a human touch! Upload your own voice over or create a life-like narration with the text to speech generator. Choose from 400 unique voices that speak over 100 languages in a range of accents. Find a voice that fits your video and tell your story, your way. 

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Adjust audio volume and speed smoothly

Tweak your tunes! Once you’ve trimmed unwanted parts of your audio, simply drag the track volume from high to low, and increase or decrease the audio speed to create the effect you desire.

How to add audio in Clipchamp

  • 1

    Upload audio or select from stock library

  • 2

    Adjust audio volume and speed

  • 3

    Save video in 1080p

Abstract image of adding audio file to the video editing timeline in Clipchamp
Abstract image of adjusting the volume of an audio file in Clipchamp
An abstract image of saving a video in high quality in Clipchamp

Find music that fits the flow

  • Search for tracks by genre, mood or instrument, with easy previews.

  • Browse the stock music library range to find upbeat music for vlogs, inspiring corporate jingles, and even dramatic tracks for your reaction videos.

An abstract image of adding a cinematic audio to a video in Clipchamp editing timeline

Compose an impactful voice over

  • Choose from a range of voices and languages, type your script and add your free voice over to your video editing timeline. 

  • Make your YouTube videos, corporate training videos or video podcasts immersive and easy to follow.

An abstract image of a sound wave to indicate generating audio in Clipchamp

Level up with SFX and waveforms

  • Pair sound effects like claps, drumrolls and clicks with video transitions to enhance your content.

  • Add an animated and customizable sound visualizer overlay to enhance your podcast and music videos.

An abstract image of adding a "Whoosh" sound effect to a gaming video that has a glitch transition applied in Clipchamp

Tips to use music on social media 

  • Add royalty-free background music so your video won’t be muted, removed, flagged, or demonetized when posting on social media

  • Give credit to original artists if you’re using audio from other creators

An abstract image of variety of music tracks on Clipchamp video editor

Explore our professional stock audio library


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