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How to use videos in your sales funnel

Posted May 28, 2021
Written by Indiana Lee

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Sales funnels are no longer simple, restrictive formulas.

Typically, video marketing efforts are categorized at the top of the funnel, when you are trying to create awareness of your brand and products. The reality is that you can make use of “awareness tools” like video for much more than just the top of your funnel right now thanks to an evolving digital landscape.

Fact: Video can supplement all parts of a sales process to add value and build customer loyalty.

Girl smiling and holding laptop with an visual chart of a sales funnel

From promos to testimonials, these incredible multimedia tools give marketers the means to engage with customers in new and compelling ways.

By exploring the power of video across the sales process, you can better begin to use videos for much more than the beginning of a customer relationship.

Let's examine strategies for using videos to maximize the potential of your sales funnels.

The power of video throughout the sales process

Video marketing can be a powerful tool at any stage of any marketing campaign and you can use any sales funnel software to create a high-conversion funnel that guides customers to purchase.

Awareness is just the beginning.

Here's how to apply video across your sales funnel to great success, building memorable campaigns and new levels of customer loyalty.

Step 1. Awareness

Perhaps the most traditional point of use for video marketing, the awareness stage of the funnel entails getting your brand out there.

We tend to think of traditional advertising formats like TV commercials when applying video for audience outreach. These ads can now be found on platforms like YouTube and Facebook, where you can reach audiences of 3.5 billion people worldwide with the right marketing approach.

Video content builds awareness by showcasing your services more memorably. It can even boost your SEO strategy when included in landing pages for key search terms. Using it effectively requires making a memorable and shareable impact on your audience, much like LG did in their viral TV ad.

Step 2. Consideration

The consideration stage is the point in your sales funnel in which prospective customers are circling your product, wondering if they should make a purchase. At this point, your audience knows who you are but aren’t quite ready to commit. And this is where many marketing teams make the mistake of neglecting video.

Studies have shown that audiences tend to retain 95% of a message in video form versus 10% of a text. At this rate, video FAQs, webinars, and product demonstrations can be powerful tools for ensuring that people remember who you are and what you have to offer.

Slack demonstrated perfectly the value of video at this stage in their sales funnel with this informative tour of their software.

Step 3. Conversion

At the conversion stage, you need to be able to impress your audience enough to give them that extra push towards a purchasing decision. Video can be instrumental in telling an effective and emotional story that gets them there.

Because video is an easier and faster method of making an emotional point and hitting home, you can use it at this stage in your sales funnel to tell an engaging brand story. This can include testimonials from customers, employees, and more. Express your brand values, your goals, and your approach to business in an authentic, compelling narrative.

When Apple reached out to customers to share their true stories of how the Apple Watch had changed their lives, they created a great, emotional example of how video can ensure conversions.

Step 4. Retention

Congratulations! At this point in the sales funnel, you’ve gained a customer. Now, the challenge is keeping them. Luckily, video can once again be a valuable tool for improving customer experience and gaining loyalty.

Start by providing onboarding videos that can take users clearly and easily through the use of your product or service. Customer education increases customer success, which then translates into customer retention. You can reach out through live social media videos or consistently updated video content on several platforms.

As the future of digital commerce, social media should always be a priority for maintaining the attention of your audience. Use video content on social media to help retain your customer base.

Using videos in your sales funnel

From awareness to retention, videos should be part of your marketing strategy. Integrating them into your marketing process can be a worthwhile investment that boosts your ROI over time, but your efforts will be in vain without the proper application of video content.

Take the time to thoroughly evaluate what you want out of video in the course of your marketing campaign before you dive in.

By pairing the company values and story with your targeted video efforts, you can better build authentic content that reaches the broadest possible audience.

Here are some simple strategies for you to consider before you start using videos in your sales funnels.

Do your research

Never go into video without a plan in place for how you are going to maximize outreach. This entails exploring keywords and competition, evaluating pay-per-click ad services, budgeting for video production, and more.

Apply data analytics and customer feedback wherever you can. You can improve everything from social media engagement to sales pitches with the right video approach, but data-driven insights will be vital. If you have the budget to spare, consider consulting a marketing or advertising manager to help develop messaging and forecast your campaign. Expert help might cost you more but the payoff can be worth it.

Tell an authentic story

Finally, ensure that your approach to video marketing is authentic to your brand, services, or products. Video can be exceptionally effective for ensuring that your audience remembers you and comes back to make a purchase, but they won’t remember ads that feel impersonal and abstract.

Sports and recreation equipment retailer YETI is experienced at developing narratively authentic videos. Their documentary-like video content makes use of real people’s stories all in a framework of quality production. This lends both credibility and familiarity to the brand.

These strategies can be effective methods for maximizing the impact of video content at every stage in the sales funnel. With well-researched, expertly produced, authentic stories, you will be virtually guaranteed to make an impact with your video marketing from awareness to customer retention.

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