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How to merge video files online—fast and easy

Posted February 24, 2021
Written by Milind Mehta
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Looking for a way to quickly merge two videos without leaving your browser? Clipchamp’s video merger is the best solution to combine two videos and export in high-quality in just a few clicks. 

Merging videos-How to merge video files online [fast and easy]-Clipchamp blog

How to merge video files online using Clipchamp’s video merger

Step 1. Create an account on Clipchamp

Log into your Clipchamp Create account, or sign up for free to get started.

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Step 2. Create a new project 

Click on Create a Video button in the top right corner. We offer a variety of formats and templates to choose from. Before you select a format or a template have a clear idea of how you want to proceed according to your requirement. Select an aspect ratio that suits the best for your video. Your aspect ratio can differ based upon the platform that you’re aiming to post the video.

Create new project-How to merge video files online [fast and easy]-Clipchamp blog

Step 3. Add the videos you want to merge 

Now that you’ve created a new project on the video merger, click the Add Media button in the left toolbar to import video files into the empty project. You can choose to drag and drop videos from your hard drive, your phone, dropbox, google drive, or other online storage. You can even add stock footage or Gifs from the stock button on the left toolbar. Once you’ve imported your media files they’ll appear in the video merger.

Add videos-How to merge video files online [fast and easy]-Clipchamp blog

Step 4. Add your videos to the video merger timeline

Select the two video clips and drag them to the editor’s timeline. After adjusting the clips to their correct positions a green highlight will appear around them indicating that these files will drop to the timeline if you let go of your click. 

You may add additional clips sequentially in your timeline depending on the requirement. You might need to scroll past the clips on the timeline to adjust them into spaces if your video gets longer. Your clips are now placed on the timeline! 

video timeline-How to merge video files online [fast and easy]-Clipchamp blog

Step 5. Resize and rearrange your videos 

We have chosen a 9:16 ratio but our stock footage is 16:9 ratio. You will need to resize your video footage. Click on the preview screen then click Crop to fill. Drag the video across the screen to position the video. Repeat this process for both videos. 

Resize-How to merge video files online [fast and easy]-Clipchamp blog

Since the videos might not be in the sequence you want them to be in, you might have to drag and drop them to the desired sequence. You can trim the video simply by moving your mouse over to either end of a clip and dragging them as per your need.

rearrange-How to merge video files online [fast and easy]-Clipchamp blog

Step 6. Recheck and export 

Often while editing or merging our videos we export in a hurry and realize that we needed to trim a section a tad bit more. This happens to most of us but does not worry as Clipchamp automatically saves your project and you can re-check the entire video before exporting it. 

Once you’re satisfied merging the two videos you can click on the export button that is found in the top right corner of the video editor. Select the resolution at which you want to export the video file and click continue. You can also change the aspect ratio depending on the needs of other platforms and re-do the process of exporting. 

Export-How to merge video files online [fast and easy]-Clipchamp blog

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