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Behind your scenes: diverse designers

Posted November 14, 2023

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Hình ảnh về văn bản đa dạng của designer.

We celebrate the richness of diversity and welcome unique creative perspectives at Clipchamp. We’re always working hard to empower creators to express themselves through video with our accessible and easy online video editor. Now, we’ve teamed up with talented designers from across the globe to create original video elements that showcase a range of styles and cultural influences – so you can create the most eye-catching videos!

If your video aesthetic is bright and bold or dreamy or futuristic, these designers have created something for you. Meet the great minds behind the one-of-a-kind Clipchamp original graphics, stickers and animated stock backgrounds, and learn about their inspiring creative journeys. Discover what fuels these passionate designers to create, learn about their innovative design processes, and get ideas on how to infuse your next Clipchamp video with their creations. 

Meet Mat

Meet Mat Voyce, a friendly neighborhood type artist and animator from the UK with a passion for smooth moving illustrations. Mat has created eye-catching buzzword stickers to suit any video, from expressive acronyms like OMG and LOL to subscribe and notification bells. Each buzzword is handpicked and holds a relatable meaning that we feel or experience on a day-to-day basis.  

If you want to enhance your YouTube video and increase community engagement, head over to Clipchamp video editor and browse the hand-curated social media stickers in the toolbar. You can even add Mat’s buzzwords to vertical shopping and promo videos for Instagram and TikTok. To find and use the buzzword stickers on your video, search Mat Voyce into the content library search bar, then drag and drop the asset onto the timeline.  

Meet Quinn

Meet Quinn Carmichael, a talented 3D artist, creative director, and graphic designer from Australia. Quinn has a passion for photography and desire to share expressions through movement. This led to an imaginative journey of creating graphics filled with depth and dimension. The high-definition motion graphics are stylish, futuristic, and make the perfect background for any video creation. 

Effortlessly elevate the look and feel of your intro and outro videos, corporate slideshows, and promotional content with the unique 3D shapes. To find and use the motion graphics on your video, search Quinn Carmichael into the content library search bar, then drag and drop the asset onto the timeline.  

Meet Mert

Meet Mert Serim, a skilled modern artist from Dirty Barn, a platform for the design community founded in Turkey. Mert’s desire to create lighthearted and fun graphics shines in the range of futuristic cartoon faces and 3D graphic stickers.   

From smiling faces to cartoon animals, everyday hand gestures, and vibrant rainbows, add the final touch to your social media video or slideshow video with these funky and unique stickers. You can even add metallic colored 3D shapes behind text, videos, and images to level up your video in no time. To find and use the 3D graphic stickers on your video, search Mert Serim into the content library search bar, then drag and drop the asset onto the timeline.  

Meet Mora

Meet Mora Vieytes, a playful 3D artist from Argentina specializing in flawless 3D letters, illustrations, designs and GIFs. Known for her beautiful Breast Cancer Awareness 3D illustrations, the passionate creator showcases lifelike handmade emoji stickers to suit any campaign, theme, and aesthetic.  

Add a cute, animated campfire emoji, red kissing love heart, or smiling birthday cake to your next video to emphasize a special personal event, or a warm feeling. You can even use these adorable bright stickers on social media for free to level up your content in no time. To find and use the emoji stickers on your video, search Mora Vieytes into the content library search bar, then drag and drop the asset onto the timeline.  

Meet Lamek

Meet Lamek Felix, a colorful and creative 3D designer from Brazil, who loves to make diverse content. Lamek hopes to inspire fellow creators to make calm and peaceful content that they’re proud of, and never to give up on video editing. Lamek’s created breathtaking, high definition, moving backgrounds for any video editor to use. 

The extraordinarily serene and relaxed motion graphics created by Lamek could be the perfect background for your next video. Paired with soft, ambient music, the peaceful visual can create a beautiful aesthetic for slideshow videos, podcasts, and more. To find and use the moving backgrounds in your video, search Lamek Felix into the content library search bar, then drag and drop the asset onto the timeline.  

Take your video to the next level with the professionally designed assets from our creators.  

These copyright-free, essential video elements can transform any video. Try Clipchamp for free or download the Clipchamp Windows app to get started. 

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