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Celebrate Pride Month with Clipchamp 

Updated June 5, 2023
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Representation of editing a Pride month video in Clipchamp

Celebrate Pride Month with Clipchamp! We continue our longstanding support for the LGBTQIA+ community and always encourage creators to express their authentic selves. That’s why we've created quality Make Pride video templates, flag overlays, stickers and royalty-free video assets to help everyone create inclusive video content.

Whether you’re looking to make colorful slideshows, loud and proud video ads or rainbow-hued profile pictures, create confidently with Clipchamp.

Make Pride videos with Clipchamp

Let’s explore five Pride customizable features you can use for free. 

1. Pride flag overlay 

Let the flag fly and show your support to the LGBTQIA+ community by creating video content with a Pride flag overlay. Add your video to the timeline, select a stock Pride flag video or image to overlay and reduce the transparency on the flag video. This simple yet effective video stye is a fast and creative way to recognize Pride Month. Select from many different LGBTQIA+ Pride flags, such as genderqueer, agender, non-binary, transgender, genderfluid, lesbian and more

2. Royalty-free Pride stock video and backgrounds collection

From awareness videos to memorable slideshows, Clipchamp has an array of Pride stock videos and graphic backgrounds to suit every creation. Browse the Pride video and image stock library here or find the Pride stock inside the editor in the stock tab and graphics tab on the toolbar. Explore royalty-free media like Pride flags, wholesome hugs, Pride events, smiling faces, Microsoft Pride backgrounds, heart backgrounds and more.  

Pride month graphic backgrounds in Clipchamp

3. Pride video templates

Stuck for ideas or pressed for time? Create celebratory video content in minutes with our designer Pride Month templates. From pronoun and flag explainer videos to Pride event slideshows and proudly supporting quotes, find the perfect template for your cause. Use the template as is, or customize the text, colors, background music, and add in your own personal touch.  

4. Free Pride stickers

Pride stickers are the perfect addition to elevate any video. You can add colorful hearts, emojis, pronouns, Pride flag backgrounds, quotes, and Pride GIFs. Just click on the graphics tab in the toolbar, search GIPHY stickers or browse the stickers collection.

5. Pride filter with green screen 

If you want to get creative this Pride Month, try out the green screen filter. Replace the background of your green, blue, or red screen video with a Pride flag, LGBTQIA+ stock content, or upload personal footage and images to help spread awareness and show support during Pride Month. Share your videos to social media or save as a GIF.

6. Free Pride font

Make your videos with the 'Microsoft Pride' font. Whether you're creating a slideshow video or an awareness video, use this open-source font to tell your story. Select a stock background of your choice, or upload personal footage and add 'Plain Text' to your video. Next, choose the 'Microsoft Pride' font and adjust the font size, alignment, color and even add effects in a few clicks.

Preview of Microsoft Pride font in Clipchamp video editor

What to post for Pride Month?

Promote inclusivity this Pride Month on social media with colorful profile pictures, customized logos, and Pride flag filtered Facebook and YouTube banners. Add Pride stickers to YouTube intro videos and support LGBTQIA+ brands through Pride Month content like TikTok hauls and YouTube vlogs

Explore video ideas you can create with Clipchamp by heading to 10 Pride Month video ideas.

Happy Pride Month to our LGBTQIA+ community! Celebrate Pride Month with the help of Pride resources at Clipchamp. Make videos with Clipchamp and tag your videos with #clipchamppride. If you would like to make a PowerPoint or design Pride graphics, check out Microsoft Designer.

To learn how to create a Pride Month video, head over to our YouTube tutorial.

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