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YouTube banner size essentials—dimensions, format and latest tips

Updated November 1, 2023
Written by Darren Buser

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An image of Clipchamp YouTube banner.

Want to catch the attention of new viewers and subscribers on YouTube? Stop the scroll and make a memorable first impression with an eye-catching YouTube channel banner.

No matter your YouTube genre, engaging channel banners are the perfect addition to your online branding and can assist your channel trailer. You can easily showcase your personality, YouTube niche, and what content viewers can expect to watch. Also adding important announcements, subscribe stickers, and social media handles so your viewers can follow you on all platforms.

Read on to explore everything you need to know about YouTube channel art, YouTube banner size, dimensions, and the latest tips from Clipchamp.

Why YouTube banners matter for your YouTube channel

Whether you’re a gaming creator, travel vlogger, or a beauty and lifestyle channel, your YouTube banner is the billboard that announces your channel’s theme to anyone that views your profile. Think of a banner as a virtual handshake, offering a warm welcome to viewers while subtly sharing the essence of your YouTube brand.

YouTube banner size and dimensions

When creating a YouTube banner, keep in mind the banner will display differently on the YouTube mobile app and desktop. Follow the below dimension recommendations to ensure your YouTube banner displays correctly over all devices.

  • Recommended YouTube banner size: 2560 x 1440 pixels

  • YouTube’s minimum accepted dimensions: 2048 x 1152 pixels with 16:9 aspect ratio

  • YouTube’s minimum image safe area for text and logos: 1546 x 338 pixels 

  • YouTube’s maximum accepted image width: 2560 x 423 pixels

  • Banner in desktop display: 2560 × 423 pixels

  • Banner in tablet display: 1855 × 423 pixels

  • Banner in mobile display: 1546 × 423 pixels

  • Banner in TV display: 2560 × 1440 pixels

  • YouTube’s minimum size for the safe area of text and logos: 1235 x 423 pixels. 

  • Larger images may get cropped on particular views or devices.

YouTube banner format and file size

YouTube accepts JPG, PNG, BMP, and non-animated GIF file formats for banners. All YouTube banners must be up to 6MB file size.

YouTube banner aspect ratio

YouTube banners have a standard aspect ratio of widescreen 16:9. Make sure to place valuable information in the YouTube banner safe area to appear correctly across all devices.

YouTube channel art with text and graphics

There's no specific text and graphic requirements for YouTube banners. Add viewer-friendly text, images, color schemes, emojis, and subscribe or social media buttons. Don't forget to keep all of your assets within the YouTube banner guidelines to make sure they're visible. Let's take a look at some art elements you can add to your YouTube banner.

  1. Add your YouTube channel name and personalized logo. 

  2. Overlay on-theme stickers and annotations to highlight key information.

  3. Place all relevant social media handles like Instagram, Twitter, and more.

  4. Add like, subscribe, and comment stickers to remind viewers.

  5. Share iconic or inspirational quotes.

YouTube banner toolkit for brand building

Here’s how you can leverage your aesthetic YouTube banner art to build your brand and keep your viewers in the loop.

  1. Share exciting news and announcements like collaborations or partnerships.

  2. Add any channel news like posting schedules or upcoming series.

  3. Celebrate your YouTube growth by highlighting a subscriber milestone.

  4. Keep your audience up to date with channel updates.

  5. Spotlight a specific playlist or video.

  6. Promote upcoming community events like live chats, Q&A sessions, and meet and greets.

How to upload a YouTube banner to your YouTube channel

Upload a YouTube banner image from your desktop 

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio 

  2. Click the customization tab, then the branding tab

  3. Click the change button and select an image. To make changes, select a preview and change the crop, then click on the done button.

  4. Click on the publish button.

Upload a YouTube banner image from your iPad, iPhone, or Android

  1. On your YouTube app, tap on your profile picture 

  2. Tap the your channel tab.

  3. Tap the edit channel button, then tap your banner image on the right. 

  4. Upload a banner from your camera roll or take a new photo.

  5. Tap on the save button to finish.

Frequently asked questions

How often should I change my YouTube Banner?

There's no rules or requirements on how often to change your YouTube channel banner. We recommend creating a new or updated YouTube channel banner if there's a shift in your channel's aesthetic or you have seasonal content. Update images or text as much as you like, for instance, if you’re releasing new merch, adding the release date on the banner is a fantastic idea.

What if I don't have the design skills to make channel art?

Don't stress - a simple Google search for "YouTube channel art template" will get you 80% of the way in just a few clicks. You can do the same to help you craft a click-worthy YouTube thumbnail.

What will happen if my banner isn’t within the YouTube banner size guidelines?

Uploading YouTube banners outside the recommended size guidelines may result in awkward cropping, causing essential information or visuals to be cut off. If, for whatever reason, you have to ignore YouTube's size guidelines, be sure to check your header image on mobile devices, desktop, and your TV to ensure you're happy with the results.

How do I add social media buttons to my YouTube banner?

Easily add your social media handles to your YouTube banner in YouTube Studio.

  1. Navigate to YouTube Studio on your desktop.

  2. Click on the customization tab.

  3. Under basic info, scroll down to the links section.

  4. Click on add link and enter your social media information.

If you’re a new creator, you might be interested in learning more about YouTube end screen designs, YouTube intro videos, and even how to get inspiration from your competitors.

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