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Say hello to our new sidebar

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A screenshot of the Clipchamp video editor. The new sidebar is visible — new tabs include: my media, record and create, music and SFX, stock videos, text, graphics, filters and transitions, and brand.

Sidekicks — where would our heroes (or villains) be without them? Over the years, the big and small screens have delivered some iconic supporting characters from Batman’s Robin to the Joker’s Harley Quinn. 

Now, we’re bringing you a sidekick of your own: our new sidebar. Yes, our original design has had an update and it’s ready to be by your side for all of your video editing adventures.

A gif of Batman and Robin happily dancing together.

So, what’s new?

A flexible new design 

Screen space is important for video editing. So, our new sidebar has a collapse option you can select to tuck it away when it’s not in use. With the sidebar collapsed, your video and timeline expand. To re-open the sidebar just click one of the sidebar tabs.

A gif of the Clipchamp video editor. A mouse is clicking on a tab in the sidebar, the sidebar expands. To collapse the sidebar, a small icon on the side of the sidebar is clicked. To re-open a tab is clicked again.

The media library is now my media

A small change, but a change nonetheless. My media is now where you’ll find any media you’ve uploaded — it also splits your media into video, audio, and images for easy sorting.

Screenshot of the my media tab being opened in the editor. The all, video, audio and image options are being shown.

We’ve split up stock

We have over 800,000 stock assets for you to choose from. We’ve made it easier to find what you’re looking for by splitting up our stock video search and music  & SFX search.

Screen recording of the editor showing the stock tabs.

The record & create tab 

You’re loving our creation tools, so we’ve promoted them to their own tab. In record & create you’ll find the webcam, screen recorder, and text to speech tools.

Screen recording of the Clipchamp video editor showing the record and create tab. The tab opens to show a button to open webcam recording, a button to open screen recording, and a button to open text to speech.

The graphics tab 

Discover ways to add creative visuals to your video using the new graphics tab. In here, you’ll find our GIPHY and GIPHY Sticker searches, overlays, and backgrounds.

Screenshot of the Clipchamp video editor with the graphics tab open. The tab includes options to explore backgrounds, overlays, GIPHYs, and GIPHY stickers.

The filters & transitions tab 

The secret key to professional-looking videos? Filters and transitions. We’re so sure of it, we’ve given these features their own tab for you to explore.

Screen recording of the Clipchamp video editor, the filters and transitions tab is open and shows options to explore filters and transitions.

The brand tab

Fear not branding fans, we haven’t forgotten about you. The brand tab is where you’ll find our logo tool (and more exciting tools in the near future).

Screen recording of the Clipchamp video editor, the brand tab opens to show logo import options.

Start exploring our new sidebar

Now you’ve had the run-down of what the new sidebar has to offer, it’s time to take it for a spin. Start creating videos, knowing you’ll have this supportive sidekick with you the whole time.

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