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How to Add Stock Videos to Your Editing Project

Posted February 10, 2020
Written by Lana Sciasci
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Video is now a popular and trending choice of communication online amongst brands, creators and viewers. Using stock footage is a quick, easy and cost-effective way to create an awesome video without having the hassle of shooting your own content. At the same time, if you’ve captured your own footage and feel like something is missing, stock footage is a great way to fill any gaps. Love the idea but not sure how to add royalty free stock video to your video? We have created a step-by-step guide on how to add stock footage in Clipchamp Create.

What Is Stock Footage? 

Stock footage aka stock video or b-roll, is clips of video content usually under one minute long. Videographers shoot stock footage clips from a more generic perspective so they can fit into a wide range of different video concepts and styles. Either filling gaps in a video you have already made, or creating a social media ad, stock footage has many different benefits. Stock video allows editors to tell a better story, using high quality and professional footage while saving time. Stock footage is a great option to have, although it can become costly if you aren’t using the right programs. Luckily, Clipchamp offers a wide range of free to use stock video for all users and a collection of premium best footages.

Clipchamp Create example of stock footage

How to add stock footage to your project

Step 1. Create an account 

Register for a free Clipchamp account to get started or log in if you have one already.

Create a free Clipchamp account page.

Step 2. Start a new project

Once logged in, select the Create a video button on the left side bar. Choose which format you would like your video to be made in, then the Clipchamp Create editor will automatically open.

Start Clipchamp Create project.

Step 3. Add stock footage 

Select and click the Stock button on the left side bar. Either type in the Search Footage search bar a particular genre you are looking for, or scroll through the limitless categorised folders Clipchamp offers on the Stock page. Once your stock video has been selected, click the +  Add to project button on the left corner of the video to add to your library. Close the stock page when finished to head back to the editor. 

Clipchamp Create tutorial add stock footage

Step 4. Arrange your stock footage

Your stock footage will now appear in the editor. Drag and drop your selected stock video onto the timeline in a location of your choice. If you drop your video in the wrong place, just drag and drop it again to the correct location on the timeline.

Clipchamp Create tutorial drag and drop stock footage

Step 5. Edit your video

Click the video to allow four editing tools to appear. Transform, Colour Balance, Filters and Fade In/Out. You can edit the length, speed, rotate, adjust the colour, add a filter and delete any audio the video may have.

Clipchamp Create tutorial edit stock footage

Step 6. Review and complete 

Once you have finished editing your video, export your project. Take a look at our results in the video below. 

Stock footage for marketing ads

Using stock footage can boost the authenticity of your advertising campaign. Viewers watching your ads can most likely tell if the brand is inauthentic just by the video clips you choose to use. Filtered footage can help you connect with your target audience. Heavily edited or manipulated footage isn’t always a great approach to go for. Try searching for live video, such as family, real people, everyday objects or even fireworks, so the video is appealing to your audience. 

A great example of this is company SoFi, who supports student loan refinancing. Their marketing ad only uses stock footage, although connects with their target audience on a more personal, relatable level. Student loan debts are a universal issue and SoFi’s ad showcases their commitment to making a change.

Bonus Tip!

If you want to add stock footage backgrounds or stock video music to your project, search through our stock library. If you’re having trouble editing your video project or lacking inspiration, our Video Editing for Beginners Tutorial will be very helpful to watch.

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