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New! Updated speed selector in Clipchamp

Posted October 24, 2022
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A close up image of the speed controller.

Have more control over your video speeds with Clipchamp’s new speed selector. The new and improved speed selector allows you to customize your video or audio speed from 0.1x to 16x. You can even manually edit assets with a specific speed numeric value.  

Read on to learn how to easily edit the speed of your videos and audio files with Clipchamp’s speed selector feature.

How is the new speed selector better?

The new speed selector lets you edit audio and video speeds your way. It’s easy to use, time efficient, and free for all users. 

  • To speed up, simply drag your cursor to a number above 1x to speed up your video. 

  • To slow down, simply drag your cursor to a number below 1x to slow down your video. 

  • Input a numeric value to manually adjust your video’s speed to a more specific speed.

  • Undo changes to your speed with the undo and redo buttons or using Ctrl + Z or Command + Z.

How to use the new speed selector

Step 1. Add media to the timeline

Drag and drop your media assets from the Your media tab to the timeline. Make sure to place your video above your audio file. Collapse the left sidebar when you’re finished.

An image of a user dragging and dropping media assets onto the timeline.

Step 2. Select the video asset and select speed

To change the speed of your video or audio file, click on the asset on the timeline, so it's highlighted green. Editing options will appear on the right-hand side of the editor. Next, click on the speed tab on the right-hand side of the editor to open speed controls.

An image of a user clicking on a video on the timeline, then clicking on the speed tab.

Step 3. Edit the speed of your video

Drag the slider left and right to adjust the clip speed. Choose from 0.1x to up to 16x speed options or input a value. Moving the slider left and right will also edit the length of the asset on your timeline.

An image of a user dragging the speed controller left and right to edit the speed.

If you have multiple media assets on your timeline that you would also like to speed up or slow down, repeat the same steps. Don’t forget to edit the speed of your audio as well.

An image of a user editing the speed of an audio file.

Step 4. Save and share your video

Click on the Export button when you’re ready to save and share your new video. Select a video resolution to save. We recommend saving your video in 1080p video resolution for the highest quality. Share your video directly from the editor using Clipchamp’s saving integrations.

An image of a user exporting their video in 1080p video resolution.

Try it out today

It’s time to try out our speed controller for yourself. Easily edit videos and audio with beginner-friendly features with Clipchamp

If you want to know more about what’s new inside Clipchamp, explore more features, like the full-screen video preview.

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