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How to create video folders in Clipchamp 

Posted December 7, 2021
Written by Gladys Labsan

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Video files are peeking out of a folder.

It only takes a few minutes to make an amazing video in Clipchamp. We created folders to help passionate video creators who create dozens of videos stay organized and find their content easily.

You can use folders to organize your videos by occasion, content themes, where you plan to post them or any other label you desire!

Learn how to make folders and make the most of this simple way to work more effectively in Clipchamp.

How to create and use folders in Clipchamp 

Step 1. Discover folders on the home page

Sign in to your Clipchamp account to find the home page. Explore the home page menu on the left to find folders.

A screenshot of the Clipchamp home page. A mouse curser hovers over the "Create a folder button", next to it multiple videos are saved.

Step 2. Create a folder

Create a folder to get started. You can name your folder as you please and click create folder.

A screenshot of the "Create a folder" pop up in Clipchamp.

Your folder will be ready to use.

A screenshot of an empty folder in Clipchamp, the curser hovers over a prompt to create a new video.

Step 3. Add videos to your folder

You can fill your folder up by creating videos directly in your folder or by moving existing videos into it. While on the home page, you can move your video to a folder by clicking on the see more button on the video you want to move, then select move.  

A screenshot of the Clipchamp homepage. A cursor hovers over the "More" button on a saved video. The dropdown shows the option to "Move video".

Next, select the folder you want to move your video to. 

A screenshot of the "Move video" pop up in Clipchamp, the "My folder" folder is selected.

Step 4. Rename and delete folders 

Find the more button next to your folder’s name. Here you can find a drop down menu with the options to rename or delete your folder if you ever need them.   

A screenshot of a folder in Clipchamp containing two videos from the previous steps. The cursor hovers over the more button, a dropdown appears showing the options to rename or delete the folder.

How many folders can you create? 

As many as you like! You can create an unlimited number of folders in your account.

As you wrap up your video editing in Clipchamp, take a moment to tidy up with our folders feature. Just like Marie Kondo transforms cluttered spaces into organized havens, you can now transform your video library into a neatly arranged collection.

Save time and enjoy a more streamlined and efficient video editing experience in Clipchamp.

To find more time-saving features in Clipchamp, explore what's new.

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