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Video marketing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021

Posted October 19, 2021
Written by Rachel Surgeoner
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Ready to create powerful video marketing and ads to promote your Black Friday ad and Cyber Monday sale? 

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale events are a highlight on shoppers’ calendars all around the world. Some may say Black Friday is an even bigger shopping day compared to the highly-anticipated after-Christmas sales. But for those shoppers who want to avoid the chaotic crowds this silly season, there’s no need to miss out on the latest deals. Promote your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales on social media! 

From new product launches to store-wide discounts, your brand needs to prepare for the crazy holiday season. Keep up with the high customer demand by batch creating Black Friday and Cyber Monday social media video ads in just a few clicks. 

Let’s dive into Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale video ideas, where to post your fun new video marketing, and how to use Clipchamp’s free ready-made Black Friday templates

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale video marketing

Well-anticipated global sale events of the year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are prime opportunities to get in early on personal shopping wish lists and gifting ideas for loved ones. And what better way to find the latest Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals than seeing them pop up on your Instagram or Facebook feed. 

So what’s the best social media platform to post Black Friday ads and Cyber Monday sales? Let’s find out. 

The best platforms to post Black Friday and Cyber Monday ads

There’s no better time to boost online and in-store sales than on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But choosing the right platform to promote your Black Friday ad and Cyber Monday sale can make or break the number of transactions. 

Before posting your Black Friday ad or Cyber Monday sale video, consider who your target audience is, where they’re most likely to consume content on, and what platform most of your sales are already navigated from. For example, if you’re aiming to target millennials, Gen Z, and even baby boomers, create a TikTok hashtag challenge or jump on a TikTok trend when creating your Black Friday ad. Determine which video platform best suits your audience. There’s no right and wrong answer, it’s all completely up to your business.

If you’re opting for sponsored content, make sure to consider your budget and sensible ad dollar spend

Easy Black Friday and Cyber Monday ideas for any business

1. Create a gift guide

If your products are gift-appropriate, make a guide that helps your customers make a purchase. Maybe it’s a short video with ‘gift ideas for your best mate - woof!’, ‘the secret Santa gift when you don’t know what to get!’  

2. Gift with purchase

Sweeten the deal by enticing customers with a gift with a minimum spend. Easily create a Black Friday ad or Cyber Monday sale video about the promotion then post to a social media platform of your choice. The deal will hopefully draw customers to view your online store. 

3. Make it extra

Extend your Black Friday sale all weekend through Cyber Monday, but don’t tell the carrot drop until the start of each day. You can even discount certain items each day to keep customers tuned in to your website or social media. Create a series of short videos to drop each day of your sale period. 

4. Sneak peek

Give your customers a hint about what’s to come, so they take note of when the deal is going to drop. Create a short video or with some teaser content. 

5. Work with your database

So you’ve batch-created loads of videos to share, accumulating likes and shares on social, but don’t forget to nurture your customer base with a few handy email reminders too. You can use already made Black Friday ads and Cyber Monday sales videos to pumpkin spice up your email or e-newsletter. Deliver key Black Friday sales messages shortly and sharply. 

Black Friday ads

Black Friday ad examples

To get some Black Friday video marketing inspo, take a look at some past Black Friday ads that have skyrocketed sales. 

1. Gymshark Black Friday sale

Fitness apparel brand, Gymshark, knows who its audience is and how to connect with them. Speak to your business demographic in a tone that they will understand, and relate to. 

2. Aaron’s Black Friday sale

Ranking at the top Black Friday ad of 2020, Aaron’s lease-to-own retailer promotes their month-long Black Friday sale. And to make things even more exciting, shoppers don’t even have to leave their homes. Aaron’s also promoting their Black Friday free delivery.  

Top 3 Black Friday video ad templates

Are you on a budget this Black Friday or left your video marketing a little too late? Don’t stress. Clipchamp’s free online video editor has ready-to-use templates to suit any business! All you have to do is customize with your Brand Kit, add your discount amount, and replate stock footage if desired.

1. OMG meme Black Friday ad template

Promote your Black Friday sale event a little differently this holiday season and keep up with the social media trends of 2021. Share a hilarious meme video ad template to capture the attention of all ages. 

2. Celebrate Black Friday homewares sale template

Dance like no one’s watching this Black Friday sale. Add a little humor to your social media sale ads with this joyful template. Just by adding a funny video, your audience can feel more connected to your business. 

Use these templates

3. Black Friday sale for your furry friends

Don’t forget about your furry friends this Black Friday. Nothing says adorable than a cute puppy sale template. 

Use these templates

Cyber Monday sale ads

Easy Cyber Monday ad ideas

1. Chubbies Cyber Monday ad

Menswear brand Chubbies invented its holiday and successfully captures the spirit of the brand in this Cyber Monday ad. It’s fun, captures the audience’s attention, and is a little ridiculous.

2. Old Navy Cyber Monday ad

Some of us are unable to leave the house this Cyber Monday, so Old Navy highlights the convenience of their online shopping service. Shoppers can still receive the same great deals without going in-store. 

Top 3 Cyber Monday video ad templates

Is your business still recovering from the Black Friday sale madness? Don’t worry about making new Cyber Monday ads from scratch, use Clipchamp’s ready-to-use templates instead.

1. Cyber Monday sale template with GIFs

Stand out from other generic Black Friday ads. Our Black Friday sale and Cyber Monday ad made with GIFs is the perfect way to draw viewers’ attention. Showcase to potential customers products they didn’t even know they needed. Make your ad humorous, entertaining, and informative with Clipchamp. 

Use these templates

2. Cocktail Cyber Monday sale template

Give your customers a preview of what to expect on sale this Cyber Monday with a swipe through social media posts. Add your Brand Kit to the template to customize the pastel color scheme and font. 

3. Beauty Cyber Monday sale template

Skip the traditional video ads this Cyber Monday and create an old-school polaroid picture social media ad. Share your ultimate products or services that are on sale this silly season with video. 

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are here!

Feeling inspired to start creating your very own Black Friday ads and Cyber Monday sale videos? Create and share high-quality, professional-looking marketing videos your customers will love with Clipchamp’s free online video editor. 

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