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Video Marketing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2020

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Video Marketing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2020

If you haven’t got Black Friday and Cyber Monday marked in your calendar with an alert, you’re either:

  • not into saving (or making) money. 

  • have no need for worldly possessions. 

  • just time travelled here from the past. 

Ever wondered how the name ‘Black Friday’ was coined? Well, the popular theory is that it made retailers go from ‘in the red,’ or losing money, into ‘the black,’ making money! More on the murky history here.

Enough about the story, you want to talk deals deals deals? Let’s do it. 

Black Friday gif

Thanks to the consumerism forefathers of the great US of A, Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales have become an annual highlight on the savvy shopper calendar around the world. Black Friday marks the day after Thanksgiving in the USA—arguably the country’s most treasured long weekend holiday. In the United States, and increasingly around the world, Black Friday sales are a bigger deal than the highly-anticipated after Christmas (aka ‘Boxing Day) sales throw down. 

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are a prime opportunity to get in early on personal shopping wish lists and gifting ideas for loved ones for the upcoming festive season. And what better way to get your customer’s attention? You guessed it—video! 

Even with the unusual economic climate of 2020, it’s a unique chance to pivot your marketing strategies to adapt to the new normal, with an increased focus on digital marketing and making online shopping as seamless as possible. In 2019, 93.2 million buyers made a purchase online on Black Friday

If you’re a small business, we’re here with creative video solutions to give you that big business energy!  

Black Friday video marketing examples

To get the Black Friday marketing inspo flowing, let’s take a look at some epic Black Friday video examples.

Big Deal Energy right here

The takeaway? Pop culture is your friend—speak to your demographic by riffing on pop-culture, the more tongue in cheek the better!  I mean ‘Big Deal Energy’—if you know, you know (why it works). 

Doing it differently in-store

The takeaway? Information is king! Give the people what they need to understand how your product or service works. This might be a nice straight to camera style interview or story about your brand, product or service, or a customer testimonial perhaps. 

Black Friday ideas for your business

Create a gift guide

If your products are gift appropriate, make a guide that helps guide your customer make a purchase. Maybe it’s a short video with ‘gift ideas for your best mate - woof!’, ‘the secret Santa gift when you don’t know what to get!’  

Gift with purchase

Sweeten the deal with a gift with a minimum spend—create a video ad about the promotion that entices your customers to browse your online store!

Make it extra

Extend your Black Friday sale all weekend through Cyber Monday, but don’t tell the carrot drop until the start of each day, and maybe discount certain items on each day to keep the customer tuned in! Create a series of short videos to drop each day of your sale period. 

Sneak peek

Give your customers a hint about what’s to come, so they take note of when the deal is going to drop! Create a short video or with some teaser content!

Work your database

So you’ve got loads of great videos to share, and that’s awesome to get likes and shares on social, but don’t forget to nurture your customer base with a few handy email reminders too. You can use the video ads you’ve created to spice up your email or e-newsletter and deliver the key sales message in a short and sharp fashion.

Our final tip

We love the simple yet effective pun of ‘add colour to Black Friday’ that Crocs once did, because Crocs do anything but blend in! So, don't forget to get creative.

Here’s more on the ins and outs of Video Marketing for Small Business.

Black Friday social media marketing

While Black Friday has become synonymous with images of hoards of Americans busting through the front doors of mega stores when the clock strikes midnight ..

Black Friday Crowd

As far as the internet is concerned, Black Friday shoppers are global and can purchase from the comfort of their own home, most likely on their smartphones or device. In 2019, Black Friday saw a total of $7.4 billion in online sales. A huge $2.9 billion came from consumers purchasing on smartphones, making Black Friday the USA’s biggest mobile shopping day ever. And, increasingly, these sales are sparked from a video ad they saw on social media.  


Black Friday video templates

Looking for a Black Friday template? Check out the collection below – it's filled with pre=prepared sale templates to advertise your promotions. If you're a newcomer to templates, check out our blog on How To Create Videos Using Templates for more guidance.

But wait, there's more ... Cyber Monday!

It’s apparent that businesses aren’t just ‘going big or going home’ for Black Friday, there’s deals to be had before (Click Frenzy/Singles Day, anyone?), during and after Black Friday. With the shift to online shopping, Black Friday blurs into Cyber Monday. 

If you’re playing the long game and hanging out for Cyber Monday (or even Cyber Week), here’s some sure-fire Cyber Monday marketing ideas, in video form!

Thighber Monday

The takeaway? Menswear brand Chubbies invented it’s own holiday! Is there a fun spin you could take on Cyber Monday to make it yours? Cyber Funday, anyone? (okay, you can do better than that!)

Make staying in (shopping) more fun

The takeaway? Even though this ad first aired in 2017, Old Navy used a perfect 2020 pandemic-friendly theme (lemonade out of lemons and all that), that makes ‘stay home’ both practical and fun!

So, there you have it

By now, we hope you're feeling inspired to create videos to promote your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.If you’re a Black Friday fiend and want to know even more, check out these 10 Essential Black Friday Video Ads too. 

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Written by Rachel Surgeoner on November 15, 2020
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Rachel Surgeoner is a lifestyle writer and good food enthusiast. When not researching the latest video and social media trends for Clipchamp, you'll find her either in the kitchen whipping up a batch of homemade pasta or tending to the backyard veggie patch.

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