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12 Easter video ideas perfect for social media

Updated February 29, 2024

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Want to create memorable themed videos for family, friends, and customers to enjoy this Easter? Whether you’re celebrating Easter in person or online, share the Easter spirit with these simple video ideas for social media.

Grab a chocolate bunny or hot cross bun and read our carefully curated list ranging from sales promo videos to heartwarming slideshow videos that you can create with our free video editor Clipchamp.

12 easy Easter video ideas

1. Happy Easter video greeting

Say Happy Easter to your friends, family, colleagues, and even customers a bit differently this year with an Easter greeting video. Select a free customizable template, change the text and share your thoughtful greetings on social media, WhatsApp or via email.

You can even add a photo of your choice to make the video more personal, or more unique animated text and titles.

2. Easter party video invite  

Hosting a gathering to share Easter joy? Why not tell your guests how they can hop along to an Easter event through an event invite video. Creating a digital invite that you can forward to your guests can save you time and is sure to impress them, too.

You can replace the text with your event time, location, RSVP request, dress code and any other details. Get started with this free user-friendly template.

3. DIY Easter egg decorating vlog

Easter egg decorating is a traditional activity to enjoy with family and friends. Show others how you can decorate Easter eggs with various colors and patterns by making a tutorial for TikTok or YouTube Shorts with templates.

4. Inspirational quote video for Easter

Share your favorite Easter quotations with a simple video on Facebook or Instagram or on your website. Whether it's about the joy of Spring or your personal beliefs, our ready-to-use inspirational quote templates can fit the mood.

You can change the text, it's colors, font style, speed and even add your social media handles when you edit a quote video in Clipchamp.

5. Easter basket or haul ideas video

The people need to know! Share your Easter shopping spree finds with a haul video which is one of the most popular video formats on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. Whether you've found some Hello Kitty items or Squishmallows for your Easter basket or locked in your Easter outfits, make a video.

Once you've got footage of your Easter goodies, create your video by combining the photos and videos. Next, add a sticker or number and text to describe the items.

Choose background music depending on your video's topic or the platform you want to post on. Don't forget to add hashtags if they apply like #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt.

6. Easter themed Q&A video

The holiday season is a great time to interact with your audience in a relaxed manner. A candid Easter themed question and answer video is a great video idea, whether you choose to create a short-form or long-form video.

If you don't want to go live, consider using a webcam recorder that you can use without leaving your browser. Once you record your piece-to-camera, you can remove mistakes with a click with the trim tool and even adjust the volume of separate audio clips

Don't forget to add captions so your video can be enjoyed even on mute while scrolling the feed.

7. Easter sale video 

Hosting a holiday sale for your business? Video ads can stop the scroll and get the attention for your sale. Create some quality product shots or mini-videos on your phone and customize a great sales video template in Clipchamp.

Swap out the text to appeal to your target audience and add a discount code or link to your website, too. You can even add in your brand kit with your logo, brand colors, and your brand font to keep it consistent with your other marketing assets. Confidently share across social media and see your views ramp up.

8. Family slideshow video

Make a montage of your favorite family memories with an unforgettable slideshow video. Arrange your images and videos in the timeline to create your Easter video. Select this template, load your own footage and add transitions like slow zoom and spin and dissolve to tell your story. 

The right music can level up your clip, so choose from a huge range of background music to find the perfect tune for your precious memories.

9. Easter recipe videos

Turn your favorite Easter recipe into an easy-to-follow tutorial for social media. Whether you’re cooking a midnight feast or healthy breakfast, show your viewers how they can follow along.

Our ready-to-use template highlights a traditional Greek Easter cookie recipe for you to personalize with your own. You can even add auto-captions to make your video accessible and easy to follow without sound.

10. Easter giveaway video 

Easter brings everyone together to feast, pray and share gifts. You can try a flash sale or you could try something new like an exclusive Easter giveaway from your business or creator account. Just edit this ready-to-use template, add in your giveaway details and share directly to social media. 

11. Easter holiday trading hours video

It's important to let your customers and followers know if your business is open when the holiday season rolls around. Do this with an eye-catching and informative video like this template.

12. Easter egg hunt video clues

Elevate your Easter egg hunt by creating a series of videos that show different locations or clues for your event. Use animated backgrounds, Easter-ready stickers, frames and more exciting video elements to make your video clues extra fun for the kids.

Check out our YouTube tutorial to learn how to create an Easter event invite for free.

We hope these fun Easter video ideas can make you pull in video views and share the festive spirit. Start creating memorable Easter videos today with Clipchamp.

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