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How to transcribe YouTube videos with AI

February 15, 2024
Need to create a YouTube transcript for your next video? With Clipchamp, you can…

How to make an audio visualizer with Clipchamp

February 13, 2024
Creating a music video or podcast video? Add an animated soundwave to make your video…

How to add lower thirds to videos

February 9, 2024
Want to share information while making your videos more engaging? Try using lower…

How to screen record on Windows 11

February 8, 2024
Effortlessly record your screen, edit your video, and save it in high definition…

14 Valentine’s Day video ideas

January 31, 2024
Want to make others feel loved and appreciated this Valentine’s Day? Say Happy Valentine’s…

20 International Women’s Day celebration ideas

January 31, 2024
Looking for workplace events and appreciation ideas for International Women’s Day?…

11 Lunar New Year video ideas

January 30, 2024
Create thoughtful videos for family, friends and colleagues this Lunar New Year whether…

How to make a video montage for social media

January 12, 2024
Share your favorite moments and achievements by creating a montage video for social…

How to add vintage filters to videos

January 11, 2024
Want to transport your video viewers back in time? Apply a vintage filter to your…

How to add transition sound effects

January 10, 2024
Music is half the magic when it comes to editing a video well. Adding transitions…

How to add filters to videos and slideshows

January 10, 2024
Want to change the mood of your video? Transform your footage to create your ideal…

How to add transitions to slideshow videos

January 3, 2024
Make your slideshow videos flow smoothly with the help of video transitions. Transitions…

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