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20 International Women’s Day celebration ideas

Updated January 31, 2024

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International Women’s Day celebration ideas

Looking for workplace events and appreciation ideas for International Women’s Day? We've curated some great ideas so you and your team can celebrate the women in your business.

20 International Women’s Day celebration ideas

March 8th is a great day to raise awareness against the bias that surrounds women and celebrate their achievements. The 2024 International Women’s Day theme is #InspireInclusion.

Show your appreciation for the women in your workplace with creative thank you videos, heartfelt IWD messages, educational videos, bold GIFs, online meeting backgrounds, and much more. 

1. Host a learning session

Organize and invite employees to a learning session leading up to International Women’s Day. Creating a learning session within your workplace will help inform employees about the significance of the day and show the women in your business that they’re acknowledged and supported.

Organizing a free and optional learning session might also be a great starting point for those who want to be a part of the conversation but aren't sure how to get involved. You can source discussion videos for a hybrid workplace or invite a panel for a live Q&A to help understand the mission #InspireInclusion. Don't forget to send a special invite video.

2. Make creative thank you videos

Why not get the whole workplace involved to create a thank you video? It's more personal than just an email sent to all staff on the day of the event. Getting the whole team involved also represents a workplace that's willing to support a positive change.

Ask your team to share their #InspireInclusion photo, or short webcam video message and you can create a thank you video montage easily with Clipchamp. Drag, drop and edit your video clips and create a slideshow video and share it directly with your staff members.

Montage of corporate women sharing smiles

Try it now for free.

3. Share uplifting International Women’s Day quotations

Everyone loves inspirational quotes. Create your own or share a well-known International Women’s Day quotation with your employees and customers. You can send it via email, chat, print it for your notice boards or play a video across office TV screens.

Just acknowledging the day contributes to the #IWD movement by generating conversations. This doesn’t take long at all so it's a good idea if you’re pressed for time. Using free stock images, you can find quotes and create your own poster or slide on Powerpoint

Powerpoint designer suggestions to make a IWD poster

Alternatively, you can create a quote video in Clipchamp using free stock videos, colorful text, and smooth transitions. It’s ideal for playing in the background during an event or across your office. 

Women's day quote video example in Clipchamp

4. Host a high tea in the office

Join your colleagues to celebrate women and gender equality with an office high tea event in honor of IWD. Ask staff members to each bring goodies or formally cater for the event. Who doesn’t love fresh scones, jam, and cream?

5. Make International Women’s Day GIFs

Want to add more humor to the chats? Create a fun International Women’s Day GIF with Clipchamp and free GIF video templates. Funny or heartfelt, you can make a GIF from video meetings, old office footage or a video of a woman in your workplace (with their permission—of course). You can also use stock footage, add some text animations and save it as a GIF in minutes.

Womens day meme GIF example

You can even add GIPHY stickers to your video thanks to our integration in the video editor. Create an International Women’s Day GIF now.

6. Support more women-owned businesses

Help empower female-owned businesses by purchasing products and services from them on International Women’s Day (..and all year round!). By doing this, you help contribute to equal economic opportunity and empowerment. You can even share your purchased products or services with friends and family on social media, and educate others on where you bought them from. Not sure where to find such products? Just check your search engine for “women-owned businesses near me”.

7. Send thank you ecards

Virtual thank you cards are a simple and easy way to celebrate women this International Women’s Day, especially if you have a remote or virtual team. Using thank you ecards is environmentally friendly too. They can be quick to personalize as well. Remember that your kind words can go a long way!

8. Donate to cause-based charity

If you’re wanting to make a difference this International Women’s Day, consider a corporate donation to a charitable organization that supports women's causes. This could be either local or international. Coworkers can also vote on the charity to donate to.

9. Catch up for coffee

Simple conversations can be the best way to learn and get inspired. Ask a colleague to join you for a coffee in real life or even virtually on Microsoft Teams or Hangouts. You can discuss their career, experiences overcoming bias, self-care, or any other topics you're interested in. If you feel comfortable, you can also ask them to share their ideas on questions like “how will we reach gender equality in the workplace?” or “what’s one cultural change you’d like to see in the office?”.

10. Wear purple

Ask your coworkers to wear a purple outfit or ribbon on International Women’s Day. Purple symbolizes strength, power, justice, and dignity. Dressing in the International Women’s Day universal color is a simple yet effective way to show support and it'll also make a great photo opportunity! You can take a team photo or video and post it to your business social media page. 

11. Create an online meeting background

Video backgrounds can take your virtual meetings up a notch during the week of International Women’s Day in March. It’s a simple gesture to show that you acknowledge the occasion. Your business can create one and encourage employees to use it. It’s easy to make a custom online meeting background for free with Clipchamp. Select free animated stock videos that share a variety of messages and add your corporate logo to them, and save them in a resolution that suits you.

Online meeting background example IWD Clipchamp

Want to make your own? Explore free IWD stock videos and get started with a click.

12. Host an art contest

Let your team’s individuality shine! Hosting an art contest virtually or in person is a fun and simple way to reflect on the theme of International Women’s Day. You can organize a prize or simply reward winners with claps. Remember to make sure it’s a stress-free activity that enables employees to be creative and share ideas freely. 

13. Create a branded photo booth

DIY your own photo frame using cardboard, purple crafting materials, stickers, and your corporate logo. You can set this up in a staff corridor or near the entrance. Remind everyone to strike the #InspireInclusion pose and share your images across social media with the hashtags #IWD2024 #InspireInclusion.

Womens day photo pose example

(Image source)

14. Make an intentions video

Transparency can increase trust. Brainstorm and map what areas your organization can improve opportunities for women in 2024. Consider sharing these ideas via email or adding a more personal touch by asking company leadership to create a free camera recording of the message using their webcam. You can also add auto-captions in Clipchamp to make the video accessible and easy to follow if muted. 

15. Post social media stories

It’s fun to be spontaneous! Social media stories are a great way to provide your followers a behind-the-scenes look into how your company is celebrating International Women’s Day. Your Facebook Stories or Instagram Stories could be accompanied by thoughtful and appreciative captions. Don’t forget to add #IWD2024 and #InspireInclusion to your Stories. 

16. Host a book discussion

Select a book that amplifies women's voices or highlights women's issues for discussion in the workplace or among your book club friends. It's a brilliant way to introduce readers to new perspectives about gender quality as well as motivate women to lead from the front.

For example, Dare to Lead by Brene Brown is a great read about developing brave women leaders and living values. Ensure the discussion space supports sharing of diverse views and experiences. You can also gift a teenager a book from the official IWD reading list for schools.

17. Organize a virtual teams charity run

Combine fitness with a good cause by hosting a charity run for IWD. The best part about this idea is that employees can participate from anywhere—even if they are working remotely. Simply set up a donation amount per mile and encourage employees to share their individual running statistics to inspire others and increase the charity collections.

18. Make POV content

'POV' refers to 'point of view', and it's a style of video that has taken TikTok and Instagram Reels by storm. These videos are a great way to share your point of view in a situation. On IWD, creators can address their daily challenges as a woman to generate awareness and empathy. These can be both an entertaining and educational way to address stereotypes. Don’t forget to add #IWD2024 and #InspireInclusion to your POV videos. 

19. Start a mentorship program

Volunteer your time to support and guide an early-in-career woman or suggest your workplace to open up a mentorship program. Ask for video resumes from mentees where they share their goals and what they would like support with. It's a great way for mentors to get to know them in a more personal and engaging way. Anyone can create a video resume easily with the online camera recorder in Clipchamp.

Hình ảnh người dùng đang chỉnh sửa cài đặt micrô và camera rồi bấm vào nút quay.

20. Share a 'Day in the life' vlog

If you're a multi-tasking woman, share your daily routine from your home life and work life to inspire other women on IWD. Work-life balance and a woman's various responsibilities are a great conversation to have on IWD. You can combine short video clips from your day and arrange them in a montage. Add a voiceover of you narrating your day or sharing encouraging words for other women.

Whether you’re creating an International Women’s Day video or hosting an event, show your appreciation to the women leaders and employees in your team. Get the conversation started. Make IWD videos with Clipchamp video maker.

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