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How to make YouTube end screens in 2023

Updated June 17, 2022

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Want to learn how to make a YouTube end screen just like your favorite YouTubers? Whether you're a big or small YouTubers, benefit your YouTube channel with YouTube end screens. Well-designed YouTube end screens and outro videos can help new viewers remember your name, generate traffic to related videos that increase your watch time, and even boost your subscriber count.

Creating a memorable YouTube end screen isn't difficult or expensive when using a YouTube end screen template. Check out this guide and make an eye-catching end screen with Clipchamp.

What is a YouTube end screen?

A YouTube end screen is a short outro video that can be added to the end of each YouTube video. End screens are usually around 5-20 seconds long and are prime real estate for promotional content. Showcase anything from brand logos, suggested YouTube videos, website links, social media handles, other YouTube channels, and online merchandise shops. You can even add a reminder for viewers to like, comment on the video, and subscribe to the channel.

End screens are also referred to as YouTube outro videos. They can have lively or ambient music, depending on the genre of the YouTube channel. Don’t confuse end screens with YouTube end cards, as those are just elements that appear on your YouTube end screen. 

What is a YouTube end screen?


What to include in your YouTube end screen?

Your YouTube end screen can include anything you want viewers and subscribers to know about. Here are some of the essential elements we think you should include in your end screen: 

  • Subscribe button: Always add a call to action to your YouTube end screen to encourage new viewers to subscribe. This is clickable within your end screen. 

  • Suggested videos: Suggesting related videos to watch on your channel is a good idea if you want to keep viewers engaged for longer. You can link a specific video or multiple videos, video playlists, or ask YouTube to automatically suggest your latest upload. 

  • Other YouTube channels: If you have more than one YouTube channel, use the end screen to promote it. You can also shout out channels of friends or family.

  • External websites: You can share YouTube-approved sites on your YouTube end screens. We recommend linking your portfolio, online store, or social media handles. 

What should you include in your YouTube end screen


YouTube end screen size recommendations

YouTube end screens are 1920 pixel x 1080 pixel resolution, widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio, and are usually around 5-20 seconds long. We recommend saving your end screen video in 1080p and MP4 format, as it’s the best format for YouTube.

If you're unsure how to make an end screen with the correct size requirements, use one of Clipchamp’s YouTube end card templates. They're guaranteed to be in the right size, format, and make editing faster.

YouTube end screen size recommendations

How to create a YouTube end screen with Clipchamp's templates

Step 1. Select a YouTube end screen template

Select a YouTube end screen template from the home screen by clicking on the YouTube folder, then clicking on a template of your choice.


In the editor, click on the Template tab on the left sidebar. Click on the YouTube collection. Scroll through our ready-to-use YouTube templates.

Click on the green + button to add the template to your timeline. You can also click on the template preview to launch a pop-up window with more options, then Add to timeline.

Step 2. Personalize your YouTube end screen template

Swap out the stock video for personalized video clips, edit background music, text, colors, add branding, social media handles, and more. Check out our ultimate guide to YouTube outro and end cards for more editing tips.

Step 3. Personalize the YouTube end screen template with your YouTube branding, channel name, and social media handles.

Step 3. Export your YouTube end screen video.

Export your YouTube end screen video in 1080p for the best resolution suitable for YouTube.

Use the saved YouTube end screen on all of your YouTube videos. Add the YouTube end screen template to each video in the editing process.

How to add end cards to your YouTube end screen

You can create professional YouTube end screens directly in YouTube Studio using the end cards feature.

Step 1. Click on the Content tab

In YouTube Studio, click on the Content tab on the left sidebar.

Step 2. Select a video

Next, click on the video you want to add an end screen to.

Step 3. Click on the end screen button

On the right side of your screen, click on the end screen tab.

Step 4. Add end screen elements

Click on the + Element button. Click on video, playlist, subscribe, channel, or link to add each element to the timeframe selected.

How to disable YouTube end screen in YouTube Studio

Feel free to delete your YouTube end screens if your YouTube branding has been updated. If you would like to remove a YouTube end screen from one of your YouTube videos, follow these steps:

1. Sign in to your YouTube account.

2. On the top right-hand corner, click on your account icon and select YouTube Studio.

3. On the menu screen on the left-hand side of your page, select Content. You should then see a list of all your YouTube videos.

4. Select the pencil icon on the video you want to remove the end screen from.

5. Click on Video elements.

6. On the end screen, click the Edit element.

7. Click delete.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add a voice-over to my YouTube end screen?

Yes! Your YouTube end screen can have sound and music. Add a personal touch to your YouTube outros with our text-to-speech feature or online webcam recorder. Simply add a voice-over or webcam video to your YouTube end screen. 

Are YouTube end cards and YouTube end screen the same thing?

No. YouTube end cards can appear on your YouTube end screens. In YouTube Studio, you can add YouTube end cards links to other videos you would like your viewers to see. 

Can I add a subscriber panel to my YouTube end screen?

Yes! Adding a subscribe button to your YouTube end screen is a great way to encourage viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel. Select from a wide range of our subscribe panels to add to your end screens. 

Create professional YouTube end screens with Clipchamp

YouTube end screens can help re-capture the attention of your viewers and inspire them to keep watching another video! 

Create a YouTube end screen with Clipchamp.

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