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How to make Instagram post templates for your brand

Posted December 20, 2021
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Looking for ways to make your Instagram business profile attract more loyal followers and potential customers? 90% of Instagram users follow at least one brand but with more than 200 million businesses on Instagram, it’s competitive to stand out in the feed. 

The best way to stop the scroll is by creating engaging, well-designed content including Instagram videos. Don’t worry if you’re not a “skilled designer”. Just use the best Instagram video post templates from Clipchamp. 

How to make Instagram post templates for your brand CC thumbnail

Read on to explore how to make Instagram post templates for your brand with Clipchamp online video editor.

  • How to use content calendars

  • What are the best video styles for Instagram?

  • How to use a video template

  • How to use custom font 

  • How to use a brand logo

  • Batch-creating Instagram videos 

  • Editing hacks for consistently on Instagram 

Instagram video post template tips

Not sure what to include in your Instagram video post template? Take a look at our tips below. 

1. How to use content calendars

Knowing what to post on Instagram, when to post it, and how to turn your profile into a marketing machine can be challenging. But with the help of a monthly Instagram video content plan, your business profile can go from sporadic to consistent in no time. Stay on top of your Instagram feed and avoid the delay between content posts with a content calendar. Create a personalized content calendar, or take a look at our helpful content calendar with ready-to-use templates. 

2. What are the best video styles for Instagram?

When it comes to Instagram video marketing, there are hundreds of different style videos your business can create. Whether you’re selling tech products, beauty products, or something for our furry friends, take a look at our Instagram marketing video ideas to suit any business. 

Instagram Reels

Create and share short-form video content on Instagram with the Reels feature. They’re fun, unique, and brimming with personality. Like Instagram Stories, Reels are a powerful video marketing tool to engage with your followers and build new connections on the platform. Tip: Use a good Instagram engagement rate calculator to determine if your methods are working effectively. A calculator can help you see where your efforts are paying off and where they need some adjustments.

How to make Instagram post templates for your brand - types of video posts - insta reels

Instagram Live and Live Rooms

Instagram Live and Instagram Live Rooms allow creators to go live with their followers, and even invite up to 3 guests. Going Live allows brands to connect with their followers on a more personal level, and directly answer questions in a matter of seconds. 

How to make Instagram post templates for your brand - types of video - instagram live

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are a popular choice for video marketing as they’re so easy to make! Share videos with your followers in just a few clicks. You can even add filters, insert photos and even try adding some background music. Promote new Instagram posts and Reels through Instagram Stories, upcoming sales, and share your tagged photos and videos. 

How to make Instagram post templates for your brand - types of videos - stories

Instagram in-feed videos

There are no creative limits when it comes to Instagram short-form video posts. Brand’s can share video content that is 15-seconds up to 10-munites long on their profiles, for followers to enjoy. From product demo videos, tutorials, promo videos, and behind the scenes, the options are endless. 

How to make Instagram post templates for your brand - types of videos - infeed

3. How to use a video template

Sometimes coming up with new Instagram video marketing ideas can be challenging, especially if you’re pushed for time. That’s why we recommend using a fully customizable Instagram video post template! Making professional-looking videos doesn’t have to be hard. Start by browsing our huge library of free video templates for any industry, then fully customize it to make it your own. Swap in your footage, change the color scheme with your business brand kit, change the background music, add your logo, and edit the text. Make sure to re-use the same Instagram video templates to keep consistency within your Instagram business profile. 

4. How to use custom font 

Create a consistent look and feel to build customer trust in your brand with custom fonts. Fonts are a big part of your brand, and with captioning on the rise, they’re a big part of your videos too. Select from a range of unique fonts from our fonts library, or upload your custom fonts using our brand kit feature.  

How to make Instagram post templates for your brand - custom fonts

Your logo is your brand's signature, so we better see it in your Instagram videos. For this purpose, using a good and instantly recognizable logo is key. Upload your logo (or logos) to your brand kit so they can easily be added to your Instagram video content. Play with placement, transparency, and animation too! Placing your logo on every video will create better brand awareness with followers. 

How to make Instagram post templates for your brand - logo

4. Batch-creating Instagram videos

The easiest way to stay on top of your Instagram video marketing is to batch create videos in advance. Save valuable hours and money, as well as keep your followers entertained with regular and relevant video content. Instead of finding a video to post directly from your camera roll, editing it on Instagram, creating a caption and tags all in one moment, save time and try content batching.

Batching content lets brands create all the captions and visuals during a set period. Rather than writing captions one by one each time you feel like posting, they’re already done for you if you set aside time for content batching. 

5. Editing hacks for consistency on Instagram

Each business Instagram profile usually has its aesthetic. Followers can quickly browse an image or video and immediately associate a brand with it. Either through consistent and recognizable hashtags, filters, transitions, or even video editing styles. 

Using the right ratios

When you’re selecting an Instagram video template or creating a video from scratch, make sure to select an aspect ratio that can be repurposed. Use our 1:1 Instagram ad maker for feed videos and our 9:16 Instagram story ad maker for Stories and Feed posts You'll never need to worry about resizing again. 

Audio additions

Add music to Instagram videos by choosing from our royalty-free tracks in the stock library. Keep a music vibe and genre consistent on your Instagram videos so followers can easily identify your content. 

Filters and transitions

There’s no better way to spice up your Instagram video marketing than with groovy filters and transitions. Filters give your edit a consistent look and feel. Add transitions and fades to create the perfect seamless video. 

Post video content directly from Clipchamp

Never forget about another video upload again. Once you have finished your Instagram video masterpiece, share it directly to your follows with Clipchamp’s Instagram sharing integration. Instead of saving the video to your smartphone or computer, send it directly to your Instagram app.

Free in-browser video editor

Make professional videos in minutes

How to set up an Instagram video post template

Take a look at our simple, step-by-step guide on creating a brand template for your brand’s Instagram videos. 

Step 1. Log in to Clipchamp or sign up for free

To start your Instagram video marketing, log in to your Clipchamp account or sign up for free. 

Step 1. Log in to Clipchamp or sign up for free

Step 2. Select a ready-to-use template

Save time when creating your Instagram video template. Select a ready-to-use template from our template library. Click on the Instagram template tab and scroll through the templates. Click on the template you would like to use, then click Use this template. The editor will automatically open.

Step 2. Select a ready-to-use template

Next, add your brand logo to the video. Click on Brand kit on the left sidebar. Either drag and drop your logo onto the timeline or click on the plus + button. Edit the length of the logo to be the same duration as your video. Change the size, location, and opacity using the toolbar above the video preview. 

How to make Instagram post templates for your brand - step 3

Step 4. Change font style

Personalize the video template with your brand’s font. Edit the font by clicking on the text box on the timeline. Editing options will appear above the view preview. Click on the font tab, then change the font to your desired style. Make sure to change every text box to the same font. Adjust the text boxes accordingly. 

How to make Instagram post templates for your brand - step 4

Step 5. Edit the template’s color scheme

It’s now time to edit the color scheme of your template to match your business branding. Firstly, click on your text again, then change the color. Make sure to change all textboxes colors. To change the background color, click on the background on the timeline, then change the color using the color pallet. 

How to make Instagram post templates for your brand - step 5

Step 6. Add your brand’s website

On the end card, make sure to add your business website. Click on the textbox on the timeline, then add your website. 

How to make Instagram post templates for your brand - step 6

Step 7. Save your new Instagram video template

It’s now time to save your Instagram video template. Once you’re finished editing, click on the Export button at the top right corner of the editor. Save your video as 720p resolution then click Continue. Your video will automatically download to your computer. Share your template directly on social media through Clipchamp’s integrations. You can also share a viewable link with your colleges to hear their feedback. 

How to make Instagram post templates for your brand - step 7

Step 8. Use template for future video uploads

Your new video will now appear in your video library on the homepage. To use your template again, click on the three dots option in the corner of the video preview. Click on Make a copy. You can now edit a copy of the video. You can make as many copies as you would like. 

How to make Instagram post templates for your brand - step 8

Happy editing!

With our ready-to-use Instagram video templates and helpful tips, your brand can post consistent and engaging Instagram video content in no time. 

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