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Video Marketing for Small Businesses

Posted July 19, 2019

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As a small business owner, you wear many different marketing hats. From social media management and presence to content creation, sales, commercial videos, and even analytics—it’s one elaborate hat on top of the other.

Adding video marketing on top of all your roles would be crazy, right? Not if you’re discerning at mixing in video to your content plan. There are so many proven and untold benefits to video marketing for small businesses, anyone who knows the impact of marketing would be crazy to look past them.

With small businesses facing more competition than ever, capturing the attention of potential customers can sometimes seem like a hopeless task—even with a unique business idea in your arsenal. These days, video marketing is a must, especially for SME entrepreneurs. This article will cover:

  • How video marketing drives exponential growth for small businesses

  • How to create professional quality video marketing with a tight budget

  • How to professionally edit marketing videos for small businesses and beginners

  • How video marketing enhances your Google ranking

1. How Video Marketing Drives Exponential Growth For Small Businesses

Content marketing has come a long, long way since photo sharing on Facebook was the newest craze. These days, video marketing is the new black and, if you haven’t yet, it’s high time to move up from images to moving pictures and add videos to your content repertoire.


In recent years, marketers have been attesting to the roof-busting benefits of video in their campaigns. Small businesses can feel intimidated by the thought of creating a video marketing scheme, but embracing it can take your strategy where images simply can’t.

There are many different marketing tactics like empowering local business marketing, video marketing, and more that small to medium businesses can adopt, although only a few of them prove to be more effective in today’s digital world. Alex Brown, co-founder of subscription beard care service, The Beard Club, agrees with the benefits of video marketing.

Just by using video marketing alone, Brown’s company generated over $10 million in revenue and over hundreds of million YouTube and Facebook views. Video marketing on social media is accessible, affordable and is a very smart move for every small business

Your small business can also see significant growth if you incorporate and use video marketing the right way. Through humorous commercials and digital distribution, The Beard Club proved to be beneficial as the word about them spread. 

Deyan Shkodrov, CEO of StreamingVideoProvider explains _“_You’re an industry expert, so you should leverage that knowledge.”Providing educational video content in conjunction with commercial advertisement may also benefit small businesses. 

Shkodrov adds, “Whether you’re teaching customers how to use your product or providing some life hacks, when you add value and showcase your knowledge, your audience will keep coming back for more. With the right setup, you could even further monetize your videos by creating low-priced educational courses.”

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Video marketing isn’t just a tool to increase sales or customer sign ups, it can generate revenue with the right strategy.

• Video marketing increases brand awareness and online presence

For small businesses that are finding it difficult to engage a larger audience, maybe it’s time to dip your toes into video production. Helpful resources for beginners are a good start to get your YouTube video marketing strategy right. Usually by posting user-friendly marketing videos throughout your digital real estate, it encourages viewers to click the subscription link or visit your landing pages.

If your content is relevant to your audience and is effortless for them to watch—because of clear narrative and a quick loading time—more people are likely to engage with your video.

Compared to blogs, text and photo posts, videos are more likely to engage and attract viewers. All due to the larger entertainment element of a video. Posting videos to social media, websites or within emails, connects and guides the community understand your brand. With sufficient video content and a well thought through marketing strategy, your small business can achieve that dream of going viral. 

If you’re on the lookout for inspiration for your new video marketing campaigns, check out our post on How To Plan Your Next Video Marketing Campaign. If you’re stuck for video marketing ideas, Clipchamp offers a wide range of easy to use, video marketing templates to complement your creative ideas.

Try your hand at editing this marketing agency promotional video online on Clipchamp to get a feel for creating a simple small business marketing video.

Use this template

They are now intrigued by your brand through your marketing video. If viewers enjoy what they watch, they will most likely share your video with friends or family. This grows your brand’s online presence and audience awareness. An inability to increase their digital footprint is one of the biggest reasons startups fail, video marketing helps resolve this problem.

•  Video marketing boosts social media engagement

Instagram, Facebook and YouTube all generate over 1 billion monthly active users which means viewers are already responding to video content. To boost your social media engagement, your video marketing must stand out from the crowd.

Differentiate and promote your small business by creating visually engaging videos to post on your social media pages. The ideal video for small businesses must have a purpose, be aesthetically pleasing, and short enough to keep the viewer engaged. 

You don’t have to have fancy editing and professionals creating the video. All you need is basic editing tools, unique ideas and a filming device. Here are two examples of visually engaging video marketing templates from Clipchamp that you can edit with your own clips:

Use this template

Use this template

Just to give you an idea, user’s positive experience with a video ad increases their purchase intent by 97% and brand association by 139%. More companies should be launching video marketing campaigns rather than other marketing mediums, as it is clear the future lies within visual content. 

If your marketing schemes do not include video, you may be losing out on traffic and conversation surrounding your industry to others. Creating a fun, inspiring video and targeting the right audience are key elements to a successful video marketing campaign. If relevant, on-trend and educational video content is created, you will likely see an increase of social media engagement. 

• Video marketing gives personality and gains trust for small businesses

What really invites customers to buy products after watching a video marketing ad? Trust. Humans want to interact with fellow humans, not robots. Video promotion is a way to work around the barrier between business and customer. 

Consumers prefer having a face to a brand name, and video campaign connects customers with the company on a human level. This makes way for trust. 

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2. How To Create Professional Quality Video Marketing On A Tight Budget

Struggling to create an awesome marketing video on a tight budget? It might sound impossible at first, but with just a few basic resources your business can create a professional marketing video that will engage and attract your target audience

If you don’t have an expensive camera to shoot your videos on, don’t stress. We have the beginners ultimate guide to cameras that every marketing guru and small to medium business owner should check out. You’ll learn how to maximize your smartphone for videos! Alternatively, influencer marketing could be a good option if you have the budget, especially if you're an eCommerce brand. Brands like Nimble Made and Bondi Boost create quality videos and generate good social proof using influencers.

Small businesses usually don’t  have a studio to shoot your marketing videos in, alternatively set up a makeshift professional studio in your house or office space. You’d be surprised how you can turn an everyday conference room into the perfect filming location. 

Lighting also plays a big part in making your videos professional quality. If you are struggling to find enough natural light, don’t be scared to invest in a cheap artificial light alternative. Small businesses usually take their own advertisement shots, so why not make them look professional on a low budget? Here’s an article on the best ways to film in low light to help you out.

Now that you have everything in place to make sure your video looks amazing, it’s time to focus on the audio. Viewers must be able to hear your video message loud and clear. So choosing the right microphone is crucial. Any camera equipment store will be able to fit you with the right audio equipment, or you can do your own research online. 

3. How To Professionally Edit Marketing Videos For Small Businesses And Beginners  


Small businesses and beginners sometimes don’t have a big enough budget to hire professional video editors or purchase editing applications with a monthly subscription rate. On top of that, learning how to use the program takes time, effort, and a lot of commitment.

Editing your business marketing video can be easy with Clipchamp, especially if you are a beginner or a small startup. Whether you’re on a PC or Mac, laptop or desktop, creating a marketing video should be straightforward and regardless of skill level.


Clipchamp brings all your editing essentials to one place including trimming, cutting, speed control, title blocks, filters and many more. With an easy drag and drop process to use as many videos, imagery and audio as you desire. If you’re looking for material, search through the stock video and audio library with over 100,000 assets to choose from.

Small business marketing videos shouldn’t be a burden to make. Clipchamp offers hundreds of template ideas, including key topics of marketing, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. With the easy to use editor that also works on Chromebooks, you will be able to make ads, social media video posts and even ‘how to’ or tutorial videos for free. And if you don’t want to edit a video from scratch, simply head over to our quick and easy Facebook Video Ad Maker (no sign up required to create). 

Try editing this Social Media Video Ad Template and see how easy it is.

Use this template

Producing a professional quality marketing video will increase customer awareness as people are more likely to click and view the video. Clipchamp will assist you with all your editing needs, even if you are at a beginner level. 

4. How Video Marketing Enhances Your Google Ranking

You might have heard this by now, but if your website and social media has video marketing schemes, your Google ranking will be 53 times more likely to rank on the first page.

Google ranks your page higher if video marketing is used, because it increases your quality score. A video is likely to offer more scope to viewers, therefore making video on landing pages effective.

There is no minimum video content you must include within your page, although producing longer videos would be preferable. The longer the viewer stays watching your video, the better. Video lengths include:

  • Short video length – 42 seconds

  • Longest video length – 9 minutes and 15 seconds

  • Average video length – 4 minutes and 20 seconds

Remember, Google owns YouTube. Google loves video content because keeps people engaged in their content. This means viewers are likely to spend more time on your website or social media platforms.

To make your small business marketing video more appealing to the largest search engine, try out these techniques: 

  • To help index your business page better, submit a video sitemap to Google using the webmaster tools.

  • Landing pages should include videos.

  • Videos should be shareable and compatible with all social media sites. 

  • Create an eye catching, high quality thumbnail possibly through Fotor

  • Research keywords to include in titles, description and hashtags.

  • Optimise your titles and descriptions to SEO standards. 

Take that as a cue to create videos from Google itself. Marketing videos will do your business wonders as videos are more important than ever. Give it a shot!

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