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What are Instagram Live Rooms and how should creators use them?

Posted July 27, 2021

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Content creators and business owners are absolutely loving Instagram Live Rooms. 

You can now reach a wider number of viewers, drive sales and engage with your online audience all in real-time—with the option to invite up to 3 guests. 

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Social media platforms are forever evolving. We understand it’s sometimes hard to keep up with new updates. Here’s everything you need to know about Instagram’s latest update and how content creators and businesses can use them:

  • What are Instagram Live Rooms? 

  • Step by step guide on how to go live on Instagram

  • Creative Instagram Live video ideas 

  • FAQ’s about Instagram Live Rooms

What are Instagram Live Rooms?

The highly requested update, Instagram Live Rooms, allow creators to go live with up to 3 guests. Unlike previous Instagram live streams, only allowing a single guest at a time. You can now double the number of people you can have in your broadcasts.

So why are creators loving this feature so much? Instagram Live Rooms open up hundreds of different creative opportunities for absolutely everyone. From fitness instructors to beauty bloggers, musicians, chefs and fashion designers can all benefit from the new update. 

Instagram has basically given creators an even bigger platform to build their brand and receive an income. 

Live viewers will be able to purchase gifts called “badges” for their favourite Instagrammers hosting the Live on Instagram. They can also contribute to interactive features like Shopping and Live Fundraisers.

Instagram Live Rooms example

Step by step guide on how to go live on Instagram

Wondering how to go live on Instagram using the Live Room feature? Follow along with our step by step tutorial. It’s a fairly easy process, quite similar to setting up an Instagram Live broadcast.

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Step 1. Open Instagram app

Head over to your Instagram app and open it. Your newsfeed homepage will automatically open.

Step 1. Open Instagram app

Step 2. Swipe across to Instagram Live Rooms

Swipe across to open the Instagram Stories camera. At the bottom of your screen, you will see 4 options. Post, Story, Reels and Live. Scroll across or tap on LIVE

Step 2. Swipe across to Instagram Live Rooms

Step 3. Add a title to your Live Room

You will see the Title symbol on the left side of your screen. Click the title symbol (4 horizontal lines on top of each other). Type in your desired title. Anyone watching your Live Room will be able to see your title. Click Add Title when finished. 

Step 3. Add a title to your Live Room

Step 4. Time to go live

To start your Live Room, you will first need to click on the Live button. A “checking connection” title will appear. Once your connection is secured, you will then be live. 

Click on the camera symbol with a + in it (at the bottom right of your screen) to open a pop up to invite guests. Click on the blue Invite button to add guests. You can search by their username. 

Step 4. Time to go live

Creative Instagram Live Room video ideas

If you’re looking to increase your reach and potentially boost sales, Instagram Live Rooms is the perfect tool for you. Live collaboration is a great way to engage with followers and viewers all over the world, in real-time. You will attract new customers and create brand awareness. 

When you go live, your followers and your guest’s followers will all be notified. The more Live Rooms people tune into and engage with, the more knowledge you will gain on what the viewers are looking for. 

Live stream like a pro. Here are some creative types of video ideas you can use when hosting an Instagram Live Room: 

1. Product demo and explainer videos 

Video is a powerful and essential tool to give a real dynamic to your professional communication. Viewers love watching videos, especially videos explaining how a product works, rather than reading a boring instruction booklet.  

84% of people have admitted they’ve bought a product purely just by watching a brand’s video. Instagram Live Rooms are the perfect way to show your followers how your product or service works. 

From vacuum cleaners to beauty products, product demonstrations over Live Room can bring your team together to show your audience a tutorial in real-time. 

1. Product demo and explainer videos 

2. Get to know us videos

Instagram Live Rooms are the perfect place to tell great stories about your brand. Share more personal insights to grow your followers and audience about how your brand first started, the ideas behind your products and the meaning behind your brand name. You can even share some hurdles your business has overcome. 

Invite co-owners, managers or team members to join the Live Room and share their thoughts.

3. Unboxing videos

If you’ve got a new product launching and have sent out some PR packages, what better time to open them than on an Instagram Live Room. Gather up 3 of your representatives and ask them to participate in a real-time unboxing video showing your product. 

Reaction videos are a great way to gain trust between your brand and customers. Viewers will be able to see their real, first reaction to the unboxing and product. The more you share your product with the community, the more sales you’re likely to receive. 

4. Live music video

Whether you’re working from home or stuck in traffic, sometimes we all can’t be under the same roof at once. How do you solve this problem? Create an Instagram Live Room. 

Debut your new song or share an uplifting throwback with your followers with 3 of your band members singing with you online. It’s a more personal setting, so your fans will absolutely love tuning in. Readout some comments from your fans and even answer some questions.

5. Question and answer sessions

Your customers and followers will probably have heaps of questions that they can’t find answers to on the internet. Brand owners can host in-depth question and answer sessions on Instagram Live Rooms with industry professionals. 

Set up an Instagram Story questions box prior to the Instagram Live Room chat so you’re prepared with what questions to answer. 

6. Customer testimonials

92% of customers read online reviews before buying a product. Invite loyal customers to give live reviews and talk about how your product or service has changed their lives and what they love about it.

Video can have an even more powerful impact. 72% of consumers say positive testimonials and reviews increase their trust in a business. 

FAQs: Instagram Live Rooms

We’ve answered some of your top questions about Instagram Live Rooms. We hope these answers help. 

1. Can you save your Instagram Live Room video?

After your Instagram Live Room session is wrapped up, users have to option to save their video recording. We recommend editing your Live Room video with our free online video editor before posting it to any social media platform or YouTube channel.

2. What are Instagram Live Rooms safety measures? 

Instagram’s Live Rooms update does not change any of the existing safety measures that are on live streams and Instagram.

  • Users who have been blocked by the host or any participants in the Instagram Live Room will not be able to join or watch the Live. 

  • Users who’ve had live access revoked due to a breach of the Community Guidelines will also not be able to join a Live room or watch the Live. 

  • Hosts of the Live Rooms will be able to block and report comments and apply comment filters where necessary. 

3. How long should my Instagram Live Room go for? 

Not sure how long your Live Room should last? They have a maximum duration of 60 minutes in total. It’s completely up to you.

4. Can you turn the comments off on Instagram Live Rooms? 

Yes. Hosts and guests can turn Live Room comments off. All you have to do is tap on the three dots and click on Turn off commenting. 

5. Can you add captions to your Instagram Live Room video?

We recommend saving your Instagram Live Room video and uploading it to Clipchamp’s iOS app. 

On Clipchamp’s iOS app, you’ll be able to use our speech-to-text feature to autogenerate captions. This is perfect for followers who want to rewatch your Instagram Live Room video and don’t have access to sound or headphones.

6. Do I have to appear in the video? 

Yes. Live Room will have access to your camera.

We recommend appearing in the video for Live Rooms on Instagram.

Create Instagram Live video like a pro 

The opportunities for brands and content creators when using Instagram Live Room are endless. Take advantage of the feature to boost engagement and awareness. 

Looking to start using video on Instagram?

Our online video editor offers an awesome range of ready-to-use templates to suit any video needs. Start creating videos today, our editor it’s free! 

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