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How to Make a Music Video with our Audio Visualiser

Posted July 2, 2020
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A great music video can turn a musician into a cultural icon – who could forget Drake’s "dad dancing" in the video for Hotline Bling? It’s also an excellent marketing tool to get your music out there. While we can’t promise you’ll go viral, we can teach you the basics of creating and editing a music video with Clipchamp. We can also introduce you to our newest feature: our audio visualiser. Ready? Here’s what we’ll be discussing in this blog post:

  • What is a music video?

  • Music video inspiration.

  • How to make a music video using Clipchamp’s audio visualiser. 

  • Audio visualiser templates.

What is a music video?

A music video is usually a short film that shows viewers what your song is all about through visuals. It can be made up of a sequence of videos, a slideshow of images or just your album cover.

A wide range of techniques can be used, including animation, live action filming, documentaries and abstract visuals. The video editing methods you use can be as simple turning lyrics, like this one, into motion titles or adding an audio visualiser overlay! There is no set style or concept to a music video. Let your imagination run wild and create a music video that best suits your style.

What is a music video?

Music video inspiration

The classic music video

I’m Yours by Jason Mraz tells a story through this music video while taking a traditional approach to its production. Film your own video footage and upload to Clipchamp to make a music video. 

The green screen music video

I Don’t Care by Ed Sheeran and Justin Beiber is a perfect example of a creative, fun and out of the box music video. This video showcases a wide range of animation and green screen skills. Using a green screen or green screen effect in Clipchamp Create lets users create unusual content in the comfort of their own home or studio. 

The abstract music video

Everything I Wanted by Billie Eilish uses an abstract painting as the background to her audio music video. The song can still be enjoyed without a video visual. You can upload an image instead of video in Clipchamp Create.

The audio visualiser music video

Trees by Vlad Gluschenko is a great example of a musician using an audio visualiser to create a simple film clip. Use our new audio visualiser feature to create a similar music video.

How to make a music video using Clipchamp’s audio visualiser

Now let’s learn how to create a music video using Clipchamp and our audio visualiser feature. It’s fast, easy and free!

Step 1. Create a Clipchamp Create account or log in

Log into your existing Clipchamp account account or sign up today for free. 

Music video Step 1. Create a Clipchamp Create account or log in

Step 2. Create a new project

Click Create a video button on the left side car. For music videos, we recommend using Widescreen 16:9 ratio. This ratio is also best for uploading to YouTube, Vimeo or different video sharing platforms.

Music video Step 2. Create a new project

Step 3. Upload your audio file

Click Browse my files and select the audio file you want to upload. You can also choose stock music by clicking Stock then Audio. Add music to your library by clicking the + button on the top left corner of the tune. Your audio will now appear in your library.

Music video Step 3. Upload audio file

Drag and drop the audio file onto your timeline.

Music video Step 3. Upload audio file part 2

Step 4. Add video files 

Either upload your own personal video files by clicking on Add media or browse through our endless choices of stock video by clicking Stock. You can search particular genres. To add stock footage to your library, click the + button in the top left corner of the clip. Close the library when finished.

Music video Step 4. Add video files

Drag and drop video footage onto the timeline.

Music video Step 4. Add video files part 2

Step 5. Add audio visualiser overlay

Now that you have added both audio and video to your timeline, click Overlay and scroll to the bottom to find the audio visualiser. Drag and drop the audio visualiser overlay onto the timeline. 

Music video Step 5. Add audio visualiser overlay

Step 6. Edit appearance of audio visualiser

Under Colour and Appearance you can change the colour, position and size of your audio visualiser. You can also choose between two types of display bars.

Music video Step 6. Edit appearance of audio visualiser

Step 7. Export music video

Click Export and select 720p or 1080p for the best quality music video. Click continue when you are finished. Save your music video to your computer or share directly to social media.

Music video Step 7. Export music video

Step 8. Check out the final music video!

Audio visualiser templates

Ready to create your own music video using our audio visualiser feature? Explore the audio visualiser templates below to get started.

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