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Keep track of the latest changes to Clipchamp Teams. This is where we'll be logging product updates and sharing a roadmap of the future.


New — introducing brand kit

  • A consistent look and feel builds customer trust in your brand. Now you too can create consistent on-brand video content, alongside your team. Simply set your brand fonts, colors, and logos, then easily apply them to any video. Brand kit is a pro Clipchamp feature, available to Clipchamp Business and Clipchamp Business Platinum subscribers.

Brand Kit simply lets you set your brand fonts, colors, and logos, then easily apply them to any video.


Add a personal touch with our camera & screen recorder

  • Users are now able to record their video through webcam screen record (with microphone) at the same time. Providing you and your team with the ability to create screen recording and presentations regularly. Find out more here.

Move Video

  • The ability to move videos has been a key required aspect for teams to enable basic sharing and collaboration. Move projects allows users to move projects from their personal space to their team space. Find out more here.


View only videos 

  • Clipchamp Teams users View Only has landed! View other team members' videos without needing to make a copy.

Invite links

  • Invite links provide Clipchamp Teams users with an alternative way to invite others. You’ll find the “Copy Invite Link” button on your team details page. Share the link with anyone to invite them to your team.

Four Clipchamp Teams user icons are shown, some have editing access and some don't, between them is a video.


Team members can copy videos

  • Copying videos is a new way for Clipchamp Teams members to collaborate without overriding each other's work.

  • Click on a team video to make a copy and make your own edits.

  • There's no limit to the amount of copies you can create.

A graphic design shows two Clipchamp teams users, between them a video is being copied.


Cloud backup for teams

  • Cloud backup is now available for free to all Clipchamp Teams users.

  • Media like videos, images and audio files can be backed up in the cloud with a single click of the cloud icon in the editor.

  • Cloud backup prevents the loss of important media files between team members.

  • Team members will be notified when another member's video hasn't been backed up in the cloud before attempting to view or copy.

A graphic design shows two Clipchamp Teams users with a cloud between them.

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