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Sound on-screen. Our free online Audio Visualiser lets you transform music and audio files into dynamic animations. 


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Give listeners something to look at

Great music videos and podcasts don't stop at audio, expand your sound by creating videos with our Audio Visualiser. Instantly produce captivating audio visual animations that bounce to the beat of your track and reach a wider audience online.

Audio Visualiser templates

Save time and start your video with an Audio Visualiser template. Our team has curated a collection of templates perfect for podcasts, music videos and more. Just add audio and your own custom touches.

Stock footage solutions

After some video to compliment your audio visuals? Our Stock Library has you covered. Choose footage from our extensive collection of over 800,000 professional stock files. Easily search for relevant media and add it to your video in seconds.

Beyond Audio Visualiser

Compliment your sound with our Audio Visualiser and more. Our online video editor gives you access to a range of easy to use features and tools to combine with your audio tracks. Create with Green Screen, motion titles, filters and more.

Beyond Audio Visualiser

How our Audio Visualiser works

  • 1

    Upload your audio file and add it to the timeline.

  • 2

    Apply the Audio Visualiser filter to your audio track and customise.

  • 3

    Add a background and effects.

  • 4

    When you're happy with your video, you can export it.

Upload your audio file and add it to the timeline.
Apply the Audio Visualise filter to your audio track and customise it.
Add a background and effects.
When you're happy with your video, you can export it.

Professional audio editing

An Audio Visualiser video requires quality sound editing tools. Our editor lets you split and trim your audio files and gives you full control over your audio's volume and speed to find a balance that's music to your ears.

Add your logo

Grow a loyal listener base by building brand recognition. Our video editor lets you easily add a logo to your video to promote your name, band or podcast.

Μπλε εικονίδιο εξαγωγής

Flexible export options

Share your Audio Visualiser videos anywhere. Our flexible export options let you choose the resolution and compression that best suits your sharing platform.

Need help with Audio Visualiser videos?

We'll be the video editing experts so you don't need to be. Our blog is full of tips on how to create the best Audio Visualiser videos. Learn how to optimise our Audio Visualiser for music videos and podcasts and discover how to use our customisable Audio Visualiser templates.

An image of Clipchamp's audio visualizer.

Συχνές ερωτήσεις

  • No.

    The Audio Visualiser can be used with any audio file or video regardless of length.

    However, it's important to note that longer files can take more time to upload and export.

  • Yes.

    All the Audio Visualiser requires to work is a file with sound, this includes mp4s.

    If you'd like to add more visual interest to your video, you can utilise backgrounds, motion text, videos from our Stock Library and more.

  • Yes.

    The Audio Visualiser will work just as effectively with a video's sound as it does with an audio file like an mp4.

  • Yes.

    You can choose to format the Audio Visualiser as a sound wave or bars, then select up to two colours for it to display in.

Sounds good, right?

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