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If you'd like a little more assistance creating Instagram story video ads, check out our blog. It's where we provide you with our latest tips to produce excellent content. Learn about the right aspect ratios, Instagram story length best practices and how to use Instagram ad templates.

Need help with Instagram story ads?

Frequently asked questions

  • After you've created your Instagram story video ad, you'll need to signup or login to finish the video in the editor. At this stage, you can definitely add your own logo (png or jpg) image over the top of the template. Please see the following to understand how branding works with different types of Clipchamp accounts:

    If you're a Business or Business Platinum user you'll also have access to customised branding, which means you can use the Logo menu to reposition, resize, rotate, flip or change the opacity of logos. Instructions and images are provided for easy learning once you're signed in.

    If you're a Basic (free) or Creator user, you can still add images to your projects via the Add Media button and place them in projects the same as videos, but you won't have access to the customisation and resizing features unless you upgrade.

  • Once you've created your Instagram story video ad here, you can sign into our editor to either finesse your ad further - using extra elements and assets; or you can simply export your video as is. Remember that Clipchamp exports from the stock and elements on this ad maker page are 100% free at 480p.

  • The best video ad intros are written to grab attention. Your Instagram audiences passively scroll through hundreds of stories every day. Make sure you stand out from the clutter by matching the right video to audio, neatly introduced with intro text written with your core customer in mind. Think of this intro as your ad's headline - the top message you want to convey. People are far likely to read the headline than they are the body text.

  • Your outro should do two things:

    1. It seals the messages conveyed via the intro and body text.

    2. It leaves the audience with a clear call to action. This call to action can be your logo, website address or, if you have the option, a swipe up function. It can also be your street address if you're a brick and mortar establishment advertising services for your place of business. It's best to keep it simple, action driven and crystal clear.

  • Instagram story ads need to stand out in the crowd of content on this platform. While your intro and outro neatly surround you body, it's important not to forget this element. Body copy should add substance to your ad – succinctly communicate your key points and value.

Creating ads for your Instagram stories has never been simpler

Creating ads for your Instagram stories has never been simpler
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