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Request and store videos, easily and privately.

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Collect API

Record and collect video from others instantly on your own website.

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Plugin for WordPress (DISCONTINUED)

Request and store videos, easily and privately with our WordPress video recorder & uploader.

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Collect Online

Create a Video Collection page instantly and send a link to receive videos.

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Receive and centralise as many videos as you like

Crowdsource videos from anyone via your website. Clipchamp Collect is perfect for testimonials, competitions, job applications and content marketing projects. Use it on your external site to collect videos from the public or your company's internal system to receive video submissions from team members. 

Collect's video API runs on any website.

Frequently asked questions

  • Yes, on Android devices, the recorder and uploader works in mobile Chrome. On iOS devices, the widget works in mobile Safari.

  • No. The Collect video API directly sends your users’ videos from their devices to your cloud storage provider without taking a detour through Clipchamp servers.

  • The WordPress plugin is discontinued

    The WordPress plugin simplified the installation and use of the API's video recording and uploading capabilities on WordPress websites. Implementing the API outside of its WP plugin allows for more extensive technical customisation in advanced usage scenarios.