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A special offer for Chromebook users

Clipchamp is the go-to video editor for Chromebook users. Enjoy creating videos quickly and easily on your favourite device.  


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2 free months of video editing

We're giving Chromebook users an extended 2 month free trial of Clipchamp. Follow the instructions below to get started.

How to use your Chromeperks code

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    Click the "Collect your Chromeperks code" button below and follow the instructions to get your unique code.

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    Clipchamp hesabınızı oluşturun.

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    Oturum açtıktan sonra ‘Yükselt’e tıklayın.

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    ÜCRETSİZ olarak denemek istediğiniz plan türünü seçin.

  • 5

    Apply your unique code in the coupon box to reduce the cost to $0, then choose a payment method and click Continue.

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Clipchamp hesabınızı oluşturun.
Clipchamp’te plan yükseltmek için harekete geçirici mesaj
Aylık bir abonelik seçin.
Apply the code.

Profesyonel araçlarımız ve özelliklerimizle videolar oluşturun

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Easy and accessible editing

Clipchamp has been empowering anyone to tell stories through video since 2014—from creators to educators and businesses to gamers. Now we're making video creation easier, more accessible and fun for our users as a part of Microsoft

Awesome stock and templates

We’ve got thoughtfully designed templates for all your video needs—from YouTube or TikTok videos, sales and marketing ads, and even gaming essentials. Simply customize any template with your preferred videos and music.

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Time saving shortcuts

Intelligent and assistive features and shortcuts can help you save precious time, like separating your audio from video in one click, and clever keyboard shortcuts. We also enable video grouping to keep all your video assets in place.

2 free months of Clipchamp

Collect your code to get started.

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