Easily edit Zoom recordings

Import your Zoom recordings into Clipchamp, then edit them into professional videos.  

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Instant video editing

Start editing your Zoom recording in Clipchamp with a few clicks. With our integration, there's no need to chase video files across different folders. Simply log in to Clipchamp, create a new video, and import recordings directly from Zoom.

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Trim and cut recordings

Cut out the clutter from your Zoom recordings. Muted mics and awkward silences be-gone! With Clipchamp's trim and cut tools, you can shave minutes off your recordings and improve your video's watchability.

Elevate with extras

Clipchamp's editor is full of features that can make a good recording, great. Introduce structure and improve accessibility using transitions and text, or add extra media from our stock library. There's no limit to how much your meeting recordings can improve.


Import recordings from Zoom to Clipchamp

To get started, log into Clipchamp. Then, head to your Media Library and select the Zoom icon once you connect your Zoom Pro, Business, or United Business account, you can start importing your recordings.

Import recordings from Zoom into Clipchamp


Edit your Zoom recording in Clipchamp

Once you've imported your recording, you can start editing. Drag and drop it to the timeline, then add structure with text and transitions. You can even add extra media from our stock library, filled with over 800k videos and audio files.


Share the edited recording with your team

Once you're finished editing, it's time to start sharing it with your team. You can export it to your computer, your favourite cloud storage platform, or social platforms like YouTube.

Create better video conference recordings

Start editing your Zoom recordings today.

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