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Connect with a leader in video, trusted by millions of users worldwide. Help every day editors share their stories through simple video editing solutions.

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Our free online video editor lets you get the job done in one place. Forget complicated software and slow downloads.

Professional features and tools

Clipchamp gives users access to the best of video editing technology. Get creative with features like Green Screen or practical with tools like our Online Webcam Recorder.

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Extensive stock library

Video creation has never been easier with our collection of stock footage and stock audio tracks. Choose from over 800,000 high-quality files.

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Join a growing network of partners

Build your business's capability with video – one of the world's fastest-growing communication tools. You'll be in good company, with fellow partners including Dropbox.

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Seamlessly integrate with us

Add video editing to your users’ workflow by integrating with Clipchamp. Let users move between your platform and ours in just a few clicks. Join the likes of partners like Google and watch your users enjoy their experience.

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Be part of a thriving network

"I personally leverage Clipchamp any time I believe a message can be best presented visually. After having used four separate products and many content websites to produce videos in the past, my video creation speed has increased significantly. Not only can I produce more videos in the same amount of time, but I have so much more enjoyment doing it."

Rose Serafini, Startup Solutions Architect

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“I have used both Dropbox and Google Drive in my business for over 5 years. The fact that Clipchamp is integrated with them has made making videos so much easier. The exporting of videos is simple, and allows for collaboration and ease of sharing content with clients for approval.”

Bec Pini, Managing & Creative Director at M4M Agency

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Why partner with Clipchamp?

Excellent product

Our free online video editor is a unique product we're proud of. It allows everyday editors to share stories through video, no expertise required.

Global community

Millions of creators worldwide use Clipchamp. Each month, over 1 million videos are produced.

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Growth focused

Our growth is massive and has been achieved through organic search and word of mouth. Since February 2020, Clipchamp has grown its user base by 2 million, including over 35,000 organisations with more than five users.

Empower users

We prioritise partnerships that bring value to creators, allowing them to do more with your product and ours.

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Prioritised partnerships

The partner ecosystem is a priority for Clipchamp. We are expanding our footprint and forming strategic partnerships.

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We offer flexible models of partnership engagement and develop 360 partnerships including technology integration, co-marketing and co-selling.

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