Clipchamp and Google

We've partnered with Google to elevate your video editing experience. Enjoy exploring our Google integrations and apps.

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Get your files organized

Our Google Workspace and Google Drive integrations make it easy to organize your video files. Manage all video clips, audio tracks and images, plus your finished videos.

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Import and export with ease

Get more done with a video creation workflow free of downloads and searching through files. Our Google Drive and Google Workspace integrations are guaranteed to simplify your processes.

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Made for your browser or device

We've created apps to make the most of your favorite browsers and devices. Download the Chrome web app with any device, or the Chromebook app if you're working on Google's go-to laptop.


Clipchamp app for Chromebook

The Clipchamp Chromebook app is tailor-made to suit Google's smart, secure devices. Find it in the Google Playstore, install it on your desktop, and enjoy video editing with Clipchamp browser-free.

Screenshot of the Clipchamp Chromebook app.


Google Drive

We've integrated with Google Drive to deliver you a seamless video editing experience. Open Clipchamp, import files from Google Drive, edit your video, and easily export the finished video back to Google Drive.

A screenshot of a file being uploaded to Clipchamp using the Google Drive "import from" button.


Google Workspace

Get your files ready to open in Clipchamp (including Google Hangouts recordings) directly from Google Workspace. Simply install the Clipchamp add-on, right-click on your file, and open with Clipchamp.

Screenshot of a file being opened in Google Workspace using the Clipchamp integration.


Google Chrome app for Mac and PC

We've created a progressive web app for Google Chrome. It's a Clipchamp website built to work and feel just like an app for Google Chrome users, and can be easily accessed from your desktop.

Screenshot of the Google Chrome web app



Share your videos straight to YouTube. Skip all of the extra steps and export your finished video to your YouTube channel from Clipchamp.

Screenshot of the Clipchamp YouTube integration on the export screen.

Enjoy easier video editing

Get started with Clipchamp and Google.

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