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Easy Trailer Maker

Create catchy trailer videos for YouTube, business or gaming—just pick a template and edit your video in minutes. No experience necessary. 

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How to make your own trailer


Åpne et nytt prosjekt og legg til mediefiler for å starte redigeringsprosessen.


Dra og slipp video, lyd, bilder og titler inn på tidslinjen og lag videoen din.


Når du er fornøyd med resultatet, er det bare å eksportere filen og lagre den.

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Get started with Clipchamp's creative video templates

Pick a trailer video template, drag, drop, and edit!

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Why create a trailer? 

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Make a great first impression

A trailer video is so versatile that it can help introduce your brand or create hype around your YouTube channel, product or service.

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Promote your social media or website

A trailer video is the perfect social media asset to include all your social media links and website address on.

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Announce special events in style

A trailer video can provide an exclusive look at an exciting new offer, product launch or brand launch too.


Learn more about creating a perfect YouTube channel trailer

It’s the video that takes center stage on your YouTube channel, so take a look at how you can create a YouTube channel trailer that’s next level!

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