2021 Color Trends

We've put together the perfect palette for your videos this year. Use this as a guide when choosing colors for scenes, fonts and filters.


Go for gold

Win viewers over with warm shades of yellow and gold this year. A sunshine-hued palette is sure to capture attention and leave your audience feeling all warm and fuzzy. Apricot #FFA173 Tumeric #FDBD15 Sun #FFD384


Life's a beach

Couldn't we all use a getaway after the year that was? Seaside inspired colors will work wonders for your videos in 2021, from sky blues to palm frond greens.

Palm #53BDA4 Sky #B6E3F9 Sand #FFFDF5


Deep dive

Delve beneath the surface with these aquatic blue hues. These colors are a perfect choice for explainer videos. Let your viewers sit back, relax, and take it all in.

Ocean #5271FF Wave #B4FEE7 Bubble #DBEFE1


Making waves

Deep blues inspired by the evening ocean are a great accompaniment to more formal, coprorate video projects. Mix and match these tones to create a beautifully blue color palette. Sea #2F436C Tide #1D617A Foam #F0E9DE


Back to nature

Earthy doesn't mean dull, some of the brightest tones pop up in the outdoors, like these. Use them to highlight your most exciting video marketing messages.

Violet #603F8B Haze #F36958 Sunshine #EFFFA2


Rose tinted

Add a dash of romance that'll have your audience falling for your video content. Rosey tones are a pretty in pink addition to any marketing video this year.

Petal #FB5670 Flora #DD72A6 Bud #FFA3C4


In full bloom

You don't need to wait until spring has sprung to use soft, blossoming shades. These subtle neutrals are perfect for everyday video messaging that'll fit right into your social feed or website.

Branch #G45B53 Blossom #F1CDD6 Pollen #FFFDF5

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