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Use our free video montage maker to combine your favorite video clips, images and GIFs into an eye-catching video.

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Make magical montage videos

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Mix and match formats

Combine video clips, images, GIFs and music seamlessly to bring your video montage ideas to life. If you don’t have your own clips, explore our royalty-free stock library and choose from over 1 million video assets to make an amazing video. 

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Add transitions and effects

Add quick cuts and transitions between your video clips to create an engaging montage video. Try classic transitions like spin, wipes or cross fades. Next, refine your video with professional-looking video effects like filters and text animations. 

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Layer music and sound effects

Use video background music to enhance your storytelling and set the tempo and mood of your montage video. Find free royalty-free music that suits your video’s style and goals in Clipchamp.

How to create video montages in Clipchamp

  • 1

    Upload your images and videos, or choose media from our stock library

  • 2

    Drag, drop and arrange on the intuitive timeline

  • 3

    Add text and music

  • 4

    Insert video effects

  • 5

    Save your video in 1080p quality

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Make your mark on social media

  • Create a beautiful snapshot of life by turning everyday photos into a collage video for Facebook and Instagram Stories.

  • Help viewers relive your personal journey through vlogs and travel montage videos on YouTube and Shorts.

  • Share special compilation videos from life moments like birthdays and weddings on Instagram Reels and TikTok.

Editing a travel video in Clipchamp with filters

Enjoy easy video editing

  • Running low on time or inspiration? Simply select an editable video template, swap them with stock videos and make an amazing montage video. 

  • Use the easy video resizer to turn your YouTube videos into a vertical video in a few clicks. 

  • Save your montage videos in 1080p quality for free, without any watermarks.

Abstract image of creating a travel montage video in Clipchamp, adding text, music, transitions and stickers

Need a montage editing tutorial? 

Read this blog to learn how to combine video clips and turn a variety of file formats into a well-edited collage video with transitions, text and music tracks. Plus, get inspired with montage video ideas perfect for social media, like travel highlights and personal memory videos.

An image of a video montage.

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Frequently asked questions

  • A montage video is more cinematic than a slideshow video. It’s a combination of short video clips and images woven together to tell a story through video. A slideshow video is usually created by arranging images in a sequence and adding video background music and text.

  • Yes, you can use the AI-powered autocompose feature to create an amazing video montage in minutes. Upload your video assets, choose a theme, and let the AI video maker do the rest. Learn more about autocompose.

Make cinematic montage videos

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