Simplify your video workflow

Create, store, and share videos online with Clipchamp and Dropbox.

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Easily import & export files

With just a few clicks, import files into Clipchamp to create your video. Once you've finished editing, export your creation, and save it to Dropbox with the same sense of ease. Streamline your workflow by keeping all of your videos and video-making assets in one place — Dropbox!

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Organize your video files

Dropbox makes it easy to organise your video files. Manage all written and raw input material such as video concepts, scripts, raw footage, thumbnails or screenplay in Dropbox, while maintaining project files for edits and audio cues in Clipchamp.

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Team access on the go

Share individual video files in Dropbox with your team members across different locations, devices and connections. Team members can edit your files in their individual Clipchamp accounts, then upload their own versions without overriding anyone’s work. 

Step 1

Import files from Dropbox to Clipchamp

To get started, you have two options. Either install the Clipchamp app in Dropbox and select the Edit in Clipchamp integration, in Clipchamp, head to your Media Library and select the Dropbox icon – once you connect your Dropbox account, you can start importing your files.

Open with Dropbox

Step 2

Start editing videos straight from Dropbox

With Clipchamp’s Dropbox integration, you can bring Dropbox content into Clipchamp, edit it, then automatically export the video back to Dropbox. No need to have a dozen tabs open, or upload and save the same video project across different tools.

Step 3

Find more stock for your Dropbox video project

Have a video project that needs stock footage or music? Once you’ve opened your video file in Clipchamp, it’s easy to browse our stock library from within the editor. We have plenty of professional videos and awesome background tracks to make your video pop!

Get the best of both

Start creating videos using your Dropbox files today.

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