Remove audio from video

Mute or delete audio from your video in your browser, with no downloads required. 

An image of the audio shortcuts in Clipchamp video editor

Sound off, editing on

Green cinema icon

Smoothly remove audio

Use the detach audio button to split audio from your video and delete it in a click.


Precisely trim and mute clips

Try the trimming tool and mute parts of your audio selectively as you need.

Purple wand icon

Creatively add music and effects

Add royalty-free background music and layer catchy sound effects to polish your videos for social media.

How to remove audio in Clipchamp

  • 1

    Upload your video

  • 2

    Right click to reveal detach audio shortcut

  • 3

    Add royalty-free stock music or effects

  • 4

    Save video in 1080p

An image of the different ways to import media in Clipchamp
An image of selecting media and revealing the shortcuts to mute and detach audio
An abstract image depicting replacing a video's sound with background music in Clipchamp
Save video in high quality in Clipchamp

Dial it down 

  • Turn the video volume down to hide your video background noise or remove unwanted audio 

  • Add your video to the timeline and use the speaker icon to mute your video’s track volume 

  • Detach your audio from video and trim parts selectively to bring your video idea to life 

An abstract image of video editing and trimming clips in Clipchamp

Liven it up 

  • Find royalty-free music tracks by mood and genre to support your visuals 

  • Pair your silent video clips with realistic or dramatic sound effects to make it entertaining 

  • Type to create a life-like voiceover in a range of voices and languages to match your narrative

An abstract image of adding a music clip to a video of a child running on the beach

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Frequently asked questions

  • Our video editor will accept MP4, MOV, WEBM, AVI, DIVX, FLV, 3GP, WMV, VOB, DCM, and MKV video files, as well as a wide variety of video codecs.

  • This feature is not available currently.  

  • 是的。我们所有的音轨都是无版权音轨。

  • 是的。Clipchamp是一个简单易用的在线视频编辑器,支持您免费创建画外音并添加到视频中。

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