An image representing the video editing timeline in Clipchamp where a woman is editing a video with stickers, video frames and subtitles.



How Clipchamp works 

  1. Upload media, record video or choose a template 

  2. Trim or crop video 

  3. Add text, transitions and effects 

  4. Add logo and subtitles 

  5. Resize and save in 1080p HD

An image of Clipchamp video editor where a travel video is being created





您缺乏灵感吗?欢迎浏览我们的视频模板库 — 这些模板由专业人士根据您的行业量身定制。您可以通过更改文本、添加徽标和保存视频来避免画面出现空白。





Browser-based online video editing that serves millions of people worldwide


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Easy and accessible editing

Clipchamp has been empowering anyone to tell stories through video since 2014—from creators to educators and businesses to gamers. Now we're making video creation easier, more accessible and fun for our users as a part of Microsoft

Awesome stock and templates

We’ve got thoughtfully designed templates for all your video needs—from YouTube or TikTok videos, sales and marketing ads, and even gaming essentials. Simply customize any template with your preferred videos and music.


Time saving shortcuts

Intelligent and assistive features and shortcuts can help you save precious time, like separating your audio from video in one click, and clever keyboard shortcuts. We also enable video grouping to keep all your video assets in place.

Learn video editing like a pro


无论您从事什么工作,使用Clipchamp都能让您像视频编辑专家一样制作视频。我们简单和 现成的视频模板 可以帮助您制作高质量的视频,让视频适合任何活动或业务。无论您是需要宣传视频来推广您的小型面包店还是需要游戏直播倒计视频,我们的模板库都能满足您的需求。…


想展现真实的自我并与观众建立更好的联系吗? 通过有趣的视频博客分享日常生活、旅行日记、独特体验和幕后花絮。 无论是 TikTok 和 Instagram 上的竖屏内容,还是…

10 audio editing hacks to level up your videos

Want to enhance your video’s wow factor with the help of audio? From social media…

Watch the latest tutorials

Learn how to take your videos to the next level with Clipchamp on our YouTube channel. 


  • 您可以选择适宜项目的分辨率导出视频,包括在Clipchamp中以1080p的高清分辨率免费导出视频。

  • To save your video in 4K resolution, consider subscribing to the Essentials plan.

  • Clipchamp works in Microsoft Edge based on Chromium and Google Chrome. Make sure to update your browser to the latest version before using Clipchamp.

  • Good news, there is no watermark on exported videos if you use your own media assets, free or premium assets from the Clipchamp stock library.

    Please note that if you add premium stock media files to your project or use a feature that is not included in the plan that your Clipchamp account is on, you will not be able to export and save your video until you upgrade to the plan that includes the premium option.

  • Record and edit your videos with your privacy guaranteed in Clipchamp. Clipchamp never has access to your videos, unlike other providers.


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