Audio visualizer

Use our free sound wave generator to transform your music, podcast and audio files into stylish and engaging video graphics.

Abstract representation of audio visualizer feature in Clipchamp

Turn any audio track into animated waveforms

Pink audio editing icon

Choose an overlay

Add the audio visualizer overlay to a dynamic video background or level-up your visualizer with our YouTube-friendly video templates.

Blue art icon

Customize colors and size

Transform your audio visualizer’s color scheme, choose the right size and fine-tune the placement in a few clicks. Choose between classic music bars or pulsing waveforms.

Purple wand icon

Enhance with fades and effects

Smooth out any rough edges by adding a fade to your visualizer. Add a finishing touch with video effects that complement your audio’s mood and tempo.

How to add an audio visualizer in Clipchamp

  • 1

    Upload your audio and video, or choose stock

  • 2

    Choose overlays in the content library

  • 3

    Add audio visualizer to your timeline

  • 4

    Customize with colors and effects

  • 5

    Save your video in 1080p

Choose overlays in the content library
Add audio visualizer to your timeline
Customize audio visualizer
Save your audio visualizer

Make music visualizers

Quickly create a music video for your original songs with a colorful visualizer that matches the beats of your tune. Use the versatile overlay for any genre of music, from lo-fi to pop and dance remix videos. You can also enhance your karaoke videos as the visualizer can complement the animated lyrics. 

Abstract image of adding music visualizer in Clipchamp

Make voice visualizers

Easily create sound waves from voice recordings. If you’re editing an audio podcast, bring your conversation to life with a vibrant visualizer alongside icons to represent the speakers. For video interview clips, add the audio visualizer overlay to create a more engaging experience for your viewers. 

Voice visualizer example in Clipchamp

Tips to make your audio visualizer stand out

  • Choose a dynamic stock video background instead of a still image to engage viewers.   

  • Increase the impact of your graphics by using bold and contrasting colors. 

  • Complement the highs and lows of the beat with animated GIFs and reaction stickers

  • Add your music label or YouTube channel logo to the video background to promote your brand.

Watch and learn

Become an audio visualizer editing pro in just two minutes with this helpful step-by-step tutorial.

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Жиі қойылатын сұрақтар

  • Clipchamp video editor supports a wide range of audio files including mp3, wav and ogg files. Learn more about supported audio and video formats here.

  • There’s no time limit on the audio visualizer in Clipchamp. You can add it to your videos with no worries.

  • Yes, you can. To use our audio visualizer overlay, you need a clip that contains sound, whether it's an audio or a video clip.

Add music visualizers to videos

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