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Have fun with filters. Enhance your footage with our professional video filters and make your own masterpiece in minutes.

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Our team has designed a range of beautiful filters to enhance your video projects.


Мультимедиа файлдарын жүктеп салыңыз немесе медиатекадан қорды таңдаңыз

Өңдеу құралын ашқаннан кейін, өзіңіздің бейне және аудио файлдарыңызды таңдаңыз және жүктеп салыңыз, оларды өзіңіздің жеке медиатекаңызға қосыңыз. Кеңірек таңдауды қарап шығуды қаласаңыз, алуан түрлі тегін файлдарды таба алатын қор медиатекасының сол жақ мәзіріне өтіңіз. Сонымен қатар Clipchamp YouTube бейне үлгілерін пайдалану арқылы бейнелер жасауды бастаңыз.

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Apply video filters

Drag and drop your video clips to the timeline to get started. Select a clip and options will appear in a bar at the top of the editor including Filters. Explore the Filters collection and click your selection to apply it to your clip.

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Export and share

Once you're happy with your video, it's time to export and share! You can choose from a range of resolutions to suit your video's destination (720p for social media or 1080p for websites). Post anywhere and everywhere to excite your viewers with beautiful video filters.

Export and share

Enhance your videos with professional filters

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Correct and perfect

Clean up your footage with our enhancing video filters. Choose from a range of natural filters including Portrait, Muted and Indoors. Add subtle finishing touches for a professional result.

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Set the tone

Add a cinematic touch to your videos with our mood making filters. Use Black and White for a touch of film noir or VHS for a retro feel. Edit your video like a professional and produce a masterpiece.

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Make magic happen

Create otherworldly effects with our most exciting filters. Multiply your footage using Radial or inject bold splashes of colour with Disco. The creative possibilities are endless and easy to achieve with our video filters.


Need help with video filters?

Think of our blog as your video sidekick. It's here to help you add filters to your video projects quickly and easily. Learn how filters went from a camera tool to an online video editor essential, and follow the step-by-step tutorial to master them yourself.

Need help with video filters?

Add flare with video filters

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