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Find the right fit. Clipchamp Create helps you change video aspect ratios so you can easily share them on Instagram, YouTube, Whatsapp and more.


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Videos you can share everywhere

Sharing platforms come in all shapes and sizes, so it's important your videos do too. Use our free online video resizer and choose from our Auto-fit or Crop to Fill options to quickly convert video dimensions without losing quality.

Fantastic editor features

This isn't your average video resizer. When you use Clipchamp, you get access to our entire editor while you resize your video online for free! Add filters, transitions, motions titles and audio to make your videos stand out.

Online Video Resizer fantastic features

Perfect-to-post video templates

Short on time? Our pre-made video templates come complete with designs already optimised for a range of purposes and platforms. Choose from collections created in the correct dimensions for Instagram stories, YouTube videos, Facebook ads and more, all with customised text and effects.

Automatic video saving

Don't lose all of your hard work. Unlike other online video editors, Clipchamp automatically saves your progress. That means you can leave and return to video resizer projects whenever you like (maybe after a mid-edit snack break).

Online Video Resizer automatic saving

How our online video resizer works

  • 1

    Select the video you want to resize.

  • 2

    Select a new aspect ratio and adjust your video to fit.

  • 3

    When your video is resized, you can share or save it.

Platform-ready ratios

When you resize your video, you have your choice of the aspect ratios most frequently required by platforms. Choose Square 1:1 for an Instagram post, Portrait 9:16 for a Facebook story or Widescreen 16:9 for a YouTube video.

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Flexible output resolutions and formats

Optimise your video resize for Instagram, Whatsapp, YouTube and more with our range of export options. Choose from 480p, 720p or 1080p resolution with the option to compress your video to save space and time.

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Transformative editor tools

If your video isn't a perfect fit for resizing, our tools can help . Use Auto-fit to maintain the original dimensions of your video inside its new ratio and add our Blur Fill filter to fill black space or select Crop to Fill and our editor will find the best new crop to fill the screen.

Explore our blog

Need help with video resizing?

If you need some assistance with our Online Video Resizer, look no further than our blog. It'll teach you how to change video aspect ratios in a flash and give you a crash course on how to tell your igtv dimensions from your Whatsapp aspect ratios. It's full of simple step-by-step tutorials that will help you professionally edit your videos in no time.

Online video resizer blog

Frequently asked questions

  • Available presets are: Portrait 9:16, Social 4:5, Square 1:1, Widescreen 16:9 and Cinematic 21:9.

    Portrait is an ideal resize for Stories, IGTV and mobile videos, Social is good for Facebook posts, igtv and social videos, Square is suitable for Instagram feed videos, Widescreen is good for YouTube and Vimeo videos and Cinematic is good for Blog banners and Facebook cover videos.

  • You can upload resized videos straight to YouTube, Google Drive, Vimeo and Facebook from within Clipchamp.

  • No. You can confidently use Clipchamp to resize videos without losing quality. In fact, we give you the option to choose your video quality when it's time to export. Select your resolution quality from our options of 480p, 720p or 1080p.

  • This depends on your Clipchamp subscription and how you want to edit your video.

    You can quickly and easily export a 480p video using basic editing features for free.

    If you wish to export a video with higher resolution or use some of our premium features, you'll need to sign up to a premium Clipchamp subscription.

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