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Cómo integrar vídeo en páginas web de Squarespace

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Videos can (and should!) be added to your Squarespace website. A groovy explainer video about your product or service can give viewers a quick introduction to your business, and lead to increased engagement and sales. Background videos on pages often add a nice touch to the overall user experience as well.

Squarespace doesn’t allow direct video uploads, only the option to embed from a third party platform. This is great because it allows your website to load as quickly as possible, which will reduce its bounce rate.

In order to embed video in Squarespace, you first need to create your video and upload it to video sharing platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Animoto or Wistia. This can be a lengthy process depending on a number of things such as internet connection, how old your equipment is, or the state of the platform’s backend, among other factors.

Regardless of this, there is one trick to guarantee a faster upload time to any video platform so that you can embed videos on Squarespace websites faster – convert video files to a modern format such as MP4 and make them smaller by compressing them.

1. How to compress and convert videos for use in Squarespace

The fastest way to embed video in Squarespace is to first compress and convert your videos using the Clipchamp Video Converter. It’s free for up to 5 videos per month.

1. Sign in to Clipchamp

Go to and sign in using your Google or Facebook account.


2. Convert your video

Select or drag and drop your video into the Convert box.

optimise video for web

3. Optimize your video for Squarespace

Choose the web option to optimize your video for Squarespace. You can adjust the quality, format and resolution further here too.

If you’re not sure which options to select, you can run some tests with different settings and play the resulting output videos when they’ve finished converting.

If you don’t like an output video, simply go back to Step 2, change some settings and convert the original video again.

load times affect sales

4. Upload your video 

Select Upload and Share to automatically upload your videos to YouTube or Vimeo once they have finished converting. Otherwise, wait for the video to get processed and then save it to your computer, from where you can upload it directly to any of the 4 video hosting providers Squarespace supports.

optimise video web

2. How to embed video in Squarespace

After uploading the video file to a video platform such as Vimeo or YouTube, here is what you need to do in Squarespace to get the clip to show on your website.

1. Open a page or post editor


2. Click the + button

Select the Video option


3. Get your video URL

Copy the URL from the search bar. Do not use the Embed code or the Share URL below the video these codes will not work in Squarespace.


4. Embed your video 

Select copy and paste the URL of your YouTube or Vimeo video, select a thumbnail, add a title and description.


Lastly, save and publish to see your new website! That’s how easy it is, for some additional information and options around embedding video in Squarespace, check out their support article about the subject.

Collect videos from your site visitors

If you’re looking for an option to receive videos from visitors, customers, clients, users, fans or the general public, check out our tutorial about adding a video recorder to your Squarespace site with the help of our video API.

About Clipchamp

Clipchamp is the world’s first browser-based, user-side video converter, compressor, webcam recorder and editor. There is no need to download or install any software to use it, just go to, sign up for a free account and you are good to go.

You can process video files for free up to 5 times per month and you can refer friends to get extra free videos or upgrade to our Professional plan for unlimited videos.

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