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If you’re tired of waiting hours for a video to upload to your YouTube channel, look no further. Our online video compressor is the tool that will save you uploading time without losing the quality of your video. The best part is, no software download is required. Enjoy faster uploads to online platforms once you reduce video file size with Clipchamp. 

Clipchamp’s video compressor features

Our online video compressor supports MP4, AVI, and MOV video formats that are also compatible with YouTube. Compress your videos for web, mobile, or turn them into a GIF—the output is completely up to you. Our video compressor features include: 

  • no input file size limits, 

  • convenient output settings, 

  • privacy protection, effective batch processing, 

  • any input resolution and format, 

  • output resolutions and formats.

How to compress video files with Clipchamp

Our video compressor software is entirely online so you can compress videos absolutely anywhere. All you need is a strong internet connection. This tool isn’t just designed for YouTube videos. Use our online video compressor to shrink large video files to save computer storage space, and allow your computer to load faster. 

Free in-browser video editor

Make professional videos in minutes

For YouTube Banner sizes, dimensions, format and more, head over to our helpful latest tips blog on everything you need to know about YouTube Banners

Step 1. Upload your video to Clipchamp

Drag and drop your video into the Convert my video box, or click on Convert my video and select a video file from your computer. 

Step 1. Upload your video to Clipchamp

If you’re compressing a video to upload on YouTube, you need to make sure you don’t lose any of the original video quality. For YouTube uploads, select Web, keep resolution, MP4 format, andhigh quality. 

Step 2. Select between our recommended settings or customize your own

Step 3. Save video

Save your video to your computer. You can now save time when uploading this video to YouTube by following the above instructions.

Step 3. Save video

Compress multiple input video files at once

Clipchamp's Video Compressor allows you to input multiple video files in your dashboard. This is called batch compression. Once you do this and click Start, each video file will automatically compress in a queue. 

Please note that each video file from the batch will compress based on the same output settings and save to your computer or Google Drive (as per your chosen storage location). If you choose Google Drive for the batch processing storage, do remember that you would have to disable extensions such as Ghostery or Adblock Plus.

Will compressed videos have watermarks?

Our Utilities Business Plan allows you to compress video files without watermarks. If you are on our Basic Free Plan, your compressed videos will carry a small watermark. 

For more information on pricing and what’s included, see the Utilities pricing page.

YouTube video tips and tricks

We’ve made compressing your YouTube video easy, and we’ve also made uploading even easier. If you’ve made your new YouTube video using Clipchamp, you can directly upload your video via our YouTube export integration. All you have to do is click Save to YouTube and follow the on-screen instructions. 

Don’t forget your new video masterpiece needs to have an equally great description. If you’re not sure what to include in your YouTube video description, check out our how to write the perfect Youtube video description blog. 

Every minute, 300 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube. Help your video potentially be viewed by millions with our YouTube SEO blog. Tell your story with Clipchamp and share your creation faster with YouTube today. 

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