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Organize your files for easy editing

We've integrated with OneDrive to help you handle your video editing files.


Organise your files

OneDrive makes it easy to organize your video files. Manage all of your material, from video clips to scripts, to the finished product.


Simple importing and exporting

Get more done with a video creation workflow free of downloads and file chasing. Our OneDrive integration does all of the hard work for you.


Easier collaboration

Share video files in OneDrive with your collaborators across different locations and devices. Collaborators can edit your files in their individual Clipchamp accounts, then upload them without overriding anyone’s work. 


Import files from OneDrive into Clipchamp

To get started, simply head to your Media Library and select the OneDrive icon. Once you connect your OneDrive account, you can start importing your files.


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Step 3

Export and save your video in OneDrive

Once you finish your video project, you can now export and save it in OneDrive. To do this, export your video and select the Save to OneDrive option on the export screen. When your export is finished, your video will be saved in your OneDrive account.

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It's simple and streamlined

Start creating videos using your OneDrive files today.