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Automatically create accurate captions in over 80 languages. Our speech-to-text technology securely transcribes your video's audio, converting it into readable captions in just minutes.

Clipchamp autocaptions tool

Text to speech

Turn text into speech with one click. Choose a language, change the voice, pitch, style and pace to accurately replicate a wide range of natural-sounding voices.

clipchamp ai voiceover text to speech tool

Resize video

Change the aspect ratio of your video to suit any platform. Add background colors and blur effects to fill blank space around your video, or crop your footage to fill the entire screen.

clipchamp aspect ratio chooser resize video

Speaker coach

Become a more confident communicator with speaker coach in our webcam recorder tool. Track your pace, pitch and filler words and learn how to improve your communication skills, building confidence, and engaging your audience.

clipchamp speaker coach tool

Auto compose

Save time on editing by creating videos with AI. Upload your photos and videos, pick a video style and watch as a your media is transformed into a share-worthy video for any platform.

Transform your video with royalty-free elements

stock, text, overlays, filters, templates

Unlimited video creation with no watermark

Clipchamp allows you to create as many videos as you want in high definition (1080p) for free, so you can focus on what matters most: your content. Whether you're creating videos for your business or just for fun, our free video editor is the perfect way to stay under budget while creating compelling content.

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I never expected that a free version would have all these features. I was amazed and honestly grateful for having a free, well-featured, and user-friendly video editing site. I loved every bit of experience while using it. Clipchamp is my primary video editing software for my social media content.

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I love how easy it is to use Clipchamp. It really has opened the door for everyone to create great video, no matter your experience or skill. Whether you're an aspiring creator or a seasoned vlogger, Clipchamp has got you covered.

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