facebook cover video


A cover video can make your Facebook business page immediately more engaging compared to those with static cover photos. Facebook’s dimension requirements are a bit more unusual as the aspect ratio and pixel size is different to the one required for most other social platforms – their recommended approximate dimensions for cover videos are 820 x 462 pixels and your video can be between 20 and 90 seconds long.

If you have a number of videos, images and possibly also an audio track you’d like to combine into a clip to use on your page, here’s how you can create Facebook cover videos online using the Clipchamp Create video maker. It lets you edit videos in the right aspect ratio and combine your own footage to create a banner video for free or you can also make use of content from our stock library (the latter is a paid option).


How to create Facebook Cover Videos with Clipchamp

Step 1: Sign up to Clipchamp or log in if you already have an account


Sign up to Clipchamp


Step 2: Then, start a new project

On the project overview page that comes up after logging in, Click Start new project to get started.


Create new project



Step 3: Choose the correct aspect ratio to create a FB cover video

This one’s important – make sure to select Cinematic 21:9 to create Facebook banner videos. This aspect ratio will fit nicely within their 820 x 462 pixel dimensions.



Step 4: Add your media

Drag and drop your pre-recorded video footage or choose from our huge range of free stock video, audio and animations.


facebook-cover video

Step 5: Add a logo / image

If you’re adding a logo or images created in Canva, you will need to create an image using the custom dimensions of  2560 x 1080p.


create facebook cover


If you use the Facebook cover photo template in Canva, some minimal cropping from the sides of your image will occur, so don’t put any text / logo right on the edges of your image.


Step 6: Select Crop to Fill

Select your video / image and then select crop to fill. This will ensure that any black lines around your video are gone.


crop to fill

Step 7: Export the finished video

When you are done editing, click Export video and wait for your video to finish processing. This time frame can vary depending on the length of the video and your computer’s processing power. Shorter videos will have quicker export times.

IMPORTANT: The video needs to be between 20 and 90 seconds long to be accepted by Facebook.

We recommend exporting in 720p or 1080p to ensure your video doesn’t lose quality. Once done exporting, you can then save the file and upload it to Facebook as your cover video! After it’s uploaded on your page, you may need to reposition the frame slightly to centre it.


facebook cover video


If you also need to create Facebook cover photos to make your profile sparkly, Fotor’s online photo editor software is an excellent tool. It provides all kinds of Facebook cover photo templates and you can resize your Facebook cover photo in a few easy steps!

For more tips and tricks on video editing in Clipchamp Create, check out our tutorial videos.

Happy editing!


PS: For a sample live cover video on a Facebook page, here’s ours at https://www.facebook.com/clipchamp/ 🙂