Video slideshows are a great way to quickly get your point across in the most visual format. Usually short and to the point, video slideshows can be created for almost any topic and make engaging content for social media or a blog. Whether you want to showcase your product or mash together photos of your holiday, video slideshows can turn a bunch of images or videos into an exciting production.

So how exactly do you create video slideshows? The Clipchamp Create video editing platform provides an easy way to create video slideshows for free!

Here’s how to create video slideshows online

Step 1: Go to the Clipchamp Create Video Maker.

Log in or create a free account with Clipchamp.


Step 2: Start a new project

Click start project, and give your video a title. Select the dimensions you would like your video to be, square videos or vertical videos are best for social media, while widescreen videos are best for YouTube.



Step 3: Add media

Drag and drop your existing images or videos into the library, or browse our huge range of free stock footage to find the perfect professionally recorded video for your slideshow. You can now drag and drop your videos into the timeline, and make some quick edits such as trimming, cropping, adding filters and adjusting the speed.



Step 4: Add titles

Add some instructional text to your videos by using titles. Clipchamp provides a couple of different styles of titles to choose from. We recommend using ‘Quick Peek’ for the intro title, and then any lower third titles for each slide. Drag and drop your titles above your video at the point you want it to appear. Click the title tile to change the text, colours and fonts. You can drag in the sides of the tile to make the duration shorter.



Step 5: Add background music

Browse the stock audio library for some unique background tracks to make your slideshow even more engaging. Search for keywords like ‘fun’ or ‘happy pop’ for some uplifting tracks. Once you’ve added your track to the library, drag and drop your track under your video in the timeline. Click on the track and adjust the volume level in the settings. For more info read How to Add Audio to Videos.


audio library in Clipchamp Create


And that’s it! Time to export your video slideshow and publish it to your social media or blog.


Stuck for ideas? Here’s some video slideshow inspo:

1. Top Tip slideshows

We combined fun music with some lower third title slides to create this top tip video slideshow.



2. Contest / Giveaways slideshows

We used a stock video with some ‘Fade’ titles to create this contest video for our Instagram.



3. Tutorial / How-to slideshows

We inserted numbered text slides in between videos or images to create a step-by-step tutorial video slideshow.


4. Product slideshows

We combined a bunch of watch images and timed it to some upbeat music to show you how you could showcase your business’ products.


5. Announcements/Reveals

Reveal something special! Whether it’s a business announcement, product, engagement, or gender reveal, you can mash together your pictures along with some stock videos and titles and music to create a beautiful reveal video slideshow.