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How to trim videos online for free


One of the simplest ways to improve the quality of your video content is to trim it. Trimming allows you to get rid of unneeded footage from the beginning and end of a video, letting you get to the action quicker, and make sure the video or shot ends at the perfect time.

It’s also a handy tool to cut out awkward moments at the beginning and end of a recording, e.g. before a speaker is ready or at a good moment after an interview ends.

If you’re putting together multiple shots to make a short promotional video or music clip, trimming your video clips is also a great way to create an engaging experience for your audience.

With Clipchamp Create, you have a simple but powerful free tool to help you trim video online. It works in the browser without any extra extensions and without needing to upload your videos. They’re available to trim instantly as soon as you start the editing project.

Here are the steps to trim video online quickly

Step 1: Register a free account or log in if you’ve used Create before

This is a very straight-forward process – all you need is an existing Google account, a Facebook profile, or simply an email address:

Sign up to Clipchamp

Step 2: Next, create a new video editing project

After the login, you’re on the projects overview page. Start a new project by clicking on the plus icon or on the “Start new project” button:

Create new project

You’ll have to give your project a name and choose the aspect ratio that best suits your content.

For example, a YouTube video should be 16:9 while a video for Instagram works best as a simple square (1:1).

Name your Clipchamp project

Step 3: Add the movie file(s) you want to trim

Now it’s time to add your video. Click Add Media in the top left of your screen, like so:

Add media to video project

You can then drag and drop a video file from your computer, or simply click Browse my files to select one or a number of them at once. It’s also possible to add some professional stock videos from our built-in library.

Because Clipchamp lets you trim videos online without uploading to the site, there’s no annoying wait time! This works with all kinds of video formats so it’s good as an MP4 trimmer as well as for WebM or MOV clips all in the same project.

Step 4: Select your video in the timeline of the editor

Once added, your video will appear almost immediately. If you’d like to trim more than 1 file, drag & drop them all from the media library into the timeline.

Then, click the video in the timeline at the bottom of the screen – you should see a red border appear, like this:

Blog post image: Red-Border.jpg

Step 5: Trim the beginning of the video

To trim the start of the clip, click then hold and drag the left end of the red frame to the desired trimming point. 

Blog post image: Trim-Start.jpg

You’ll see the mouse icon change to the following symbol, indicating that the trimming tool is active


Step 6: Trim the end of your video

Trimming the end of the video works the same way. This time you click, hold and drag the right end of the red border to the left:

Blog post image: Trim-End.jpg

Again, the mouse changes to this icon:


Extra Tip: precision editing when you trim video online

If you want to trim videos for a professional presentation, you may want your edits to be quite precise.

Luckily, this is easy to do with Clipchamp’s clip trimmer as follows – drag the video scrubber in your preview window to the exact start or end time you want:

Blog post image: Precision-trimming.jpg

This will also move the scrubber (the white needle) in the timeline below, so you can drag the red border to exactly where you need it:

Blog post image: Precision-trimming-2.jpg

When you position the white needle at the desired point on the video clip and then drag the edge of the red frame towards it, the tip of the needle will briefly enlarge and the edge of the red frame will snap to it. This way you can precisely trim to this exact location.

When you’re done, you can export the finished video to save it back to your computer

export the finished video

And this is it. As you can see, trimming videos is easy! Our free video trimmer and editor makes it a quick process without any complicated steps, no prior experience required 🙂

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