Articles by Andy Libunao

Our Guide to Creating a Video Marketing Strategy

April 16, 2020
There’s no mistaking it: the path to purchase is paved with videos, especially in…

How to Create Videos with Your Own Branding and Logo

April 13, 2020
According to renowned designer and educator Debbie Millman , branding is deliberate…

Powerful Facebook Video Ads Techniques for 2020

January 28, 2020
No digital marketer can afford to ignore the power of Facebook video ads . Native…

How to Use SEO and Video Marketing Together

January 15, 2020
You might have already dabbled in content marketing and SEO , but times have changed…

How to Plan Your Next Video Marketing Campaign

June 25, 2019
Try asking the internet if video marketing is important and you will be met with…

The Ultimate Guide to Video Formats

June 11, 2019
You’re looking for the best: which video format has the highest quality and most…

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