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Christie Passaris is an SEO program manager with over 5 years of experience. Christie writes help articles and blog content to assist creators to get the most out of their video editing experience, also covering all things video marketing helping anyone increase their online reach. Find Christie on LinkedIn and Instagram.

Articles by Christie Passaris

The ultimate guide to YouTube videos

May 17, 2024
Looking to get started with YouTube or take your channel to the next level? Explore…

15 Mother's Day video ideas

May 8, 2024
Want to show your mother, grandmother, aunty, or a woman who is important in your…

How to change image background color

April 29, 2024
Want to change the background color of your images within a video in just a few seconds?…

How to make an image transparent

April 29, 2024
Not sure how to make images transparent, or give your image a transparent background?…

How to make a logo transparent

April 29, 2024
From sales promo videos and hype reels to demo videos and online trainings , transparent…

New! Image background removal in Clipchamp

April 29, 2024
Easily remove and customize the background of any image in seconds using the smart…

How to add watermark to video online

April 17, 2024
Give your videos a personal touch, get the credit your deserve, and make your content…

How to rotate a video

April 16, 2024
Is your video in the wrong orientation or want to enhance your video editing to look…

How to make logo animations with free effects

April 16, 2024
Make your videos more professional, recognizable and on-brand with a unique logo…

How to use brand kit in Clipchamp

April 15, 2024
From demo videos and sale promos to long-form tutorials and intro videos , elevate…

How to color correct a video online

March 7, 2024
Are your video clips too dark, over exposed, or lacking color? Say goodbye to uneven…

How to enhance your video quality

March 6, 2024
Want to improve your video’s quality by adjusting colors, brightness, and saturation?…

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