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Christie Passaris is an SEO program manager with over 5 years of experience. Christie writes help articles and blog content to assist creators to get the most out of their video editing experience, also covering all things video marketing helping anyone increase their online reach. Find Christie on LinkedIn and Instagram.

Articles by Christie Passaris

How to create a branded gaming intro video

May 25, 2023
With over 443,000 gaming channels on YouTube, gaming is an extremely popular video…

How to make gaming reaction videos

May 25, 2023
Gaming reaction videos are one of the most watched videos on YouTube. Anyone can…

How to save YouTube audio

May 22, 2023
Want to add exclusive YouTube background music and voiceovers to your videos or listen…

Celebrate Pride Month with Clipchamp

May 18, 2023
Celebrate Pride Month with Clipchamp! We continue our longstanding support for the…

How to make a YouTube intro video

May 17, 2023
Want to keep your YouTube videos consistent and recognizable while staying on-brand?…

How to make a YouTube outro video and end card

May 17, 2023
Want viewers to keep watching more of your content? It’s natural for viewers to click…

How to make Instagram video templates

May 7, 2023
Want to create authentic and consistent Instagram videos, quicker and easier? There’s…

How to put music on Instagram Stories

May 3, 2023
From peaceful melodies paired with beautiful sunsets to up-beat tunes on fast paced…

10 Pride Month video ideas

May 3, 2023
Stay proud and celebrate Pride Month in June to support the LGBTQIA+ community through…

New! Save 4K video resolution in Clipchamp

May 2, 2023
Want to easily upload, edit, and save 4K videos with no sneaky downloads or software…

The ultimate guide to Instagram videos

May 2, 2023
With over 1 billion monthly global users and a huge demographic ranging from 13 –…

How to make video ads for Instagram

April 26, 2023
Want to share a sale announcement or new product launch? Instagram is the one-stop-shop…

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