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Christie Passaris is an SEO program manager with over 5 years of experience. Christie writes help articles and blog content to assist creators to get the most out of their video editing experience, also covering all things video marketing helping anyone increase their online reach. Find Christie on LinkedIn and Instagram.

Articles by Christie Passaris

10 audio editing hacks to level up your videos

February 20, 2023
Want to enhance your video’s wow factor with the help of audio? From social media…

How to split videos quickly

February 20, 2023
Looking for a convenient and easy way to split your video online for free? Whether…

How to create a video transcript

February 12, 2023
Need to create a transcript of your video fast? Whether it's a YouTube video , interview…

How to make green screen videos

February 9, 2023
Whether you’re creating a YouTube gaming video, Instagram ad, tutorial, or corporate…

15 International Women’s Day celebration ideas

February 8, 2023
Looking for workplace events and appreciation ideas for International Women’s Day?…

New! Clipchamp’s auto-captioning feature

February 5, 2023
Want to make your videos accessible or easy to follow while muted? With Clipchamp’s…

The best background music for videos

February 1, 2023
Choosing the right audio for your video is extremely important to set the mood, emphasize…

How to make a video with Clipchamp’s audio visualizer

January 31, 2023
Whether you’re creating a music video or podcast video, level up your content with…

How to create video slideshows

January 29, 2023
Video slideshows are a great way to quickly combine photos and videos to convey your…

Clipchamp’s updated Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

January 3, 2023
Clipchamp is now part of Microsoft, meaning our previous Terms and Conditions and…

How to change the aspect ratio of a video

January 2, 2023
Most social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok all require different…

How to make a podcast video with our audio visualizer

December 22, 2022
We all love to listen to podcasts. Whether it’s in the car on the commute to work…

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