About Christie Passaris

Christie Passaris is a freelance writer by day, and fashion designer by night. While she enjoys creating iconic looks and teaching others about Clipchamp's latest features, her true love is for her dog, Billy the Beagle.

Articles by Christie Passaris

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May 27, 2021
Small business owners usually wear a lot of different hats so they’re in charge of…

How to put music on Instagram Stories

May 25, 2021
How aesthetically pleasing is it to watch someone’s Instagram story of a beautiful…

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May 25, 2021
Clipchamp Sharepages are a place to showcase the videos you’ve created in Clipchamp’s…

Tips to create an impressive LinkedIn Cover Story video

May 18, 2021
LinkedIn has launched yet another new feature to help professionals build their personal…

How to remix Instagram Reels and easily collaborate with creators

May 17, 2021
Move over TikTok, Instagram Reel’s newest video editing feature is here! Introducing…

OnlyFans Banner—Size, dimensions, format and tips

May 5, 2021
With the OnlyFans community becoming more popular by the day, creators are looking…

What is native resolution in film and video?

April 28, 2021
Noticed that the same video looks different on different devices? The videos we watch…

How to add captions to TikTok

April 19, 2021
Many of us don’t watch TikTok videos with the sound turned on. Sometimes we forget…

What is white balance? How to perfect white balance in video production?

April 18, 2021
Different lighting conditions and camera settings can impact color casts, which can…

How to make Etsy product videos to increase sales

April 14, 2021
What better way to compel an online shopper than with a 360-degree video showcasing…

How to make a promo video

April 6, 2021
Adding a promo video to your landing page or social media profile creates an opportunity…

How to slow down a video

April 5, 2021
If you want to emphasize a clip's emotion (or prolong an embarrassing moment!), speed…

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